Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My first class and Cindy's Bak-kut-teh

My 2nd dish ^ ^

I woke up 7.oo am this morning, such a good time coz I can get enough sleep. Do you guys want to know about the first day of my class? My class is English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

We have 11 students in the class (in face, there are more students but just absent today). There are 8 guys (yeahhh….8 guys) from “India”, 1 girl from China, 1 (not) girl from Srilanka and one pretty girl from Thailand ^ ^

And tomorrow, there is the social program arrangged by Holmes to take students to the Queen Victoria Night Market. That is very interesting ^ ^. Of couse, Pong, Phil (Swiss friend), Ayako and I will join this program.

Cindy's Bak-kut-teh in a pot...

Let's come back to our house, this midnight Cindy gonna go back to Penang, Malasia for a month.....so I gonna miss her :'( Anyway, I still have Lishan and Dennis with me...

Stir-fried vegetables...

Cindy cooked Bak-kut-teh (the Malasian style soup) for our dinner. She definitely can be a good chef, I think. All 3 meals that she cooked for me were definitely nice. The spices were not very strong, the taste was not too salty and the pork was just tender. She put lots of dried garlic in it…(I think that made it taste good like this).
Cindy's Bak kut teh is usually eaten together with fried vegetables which is Lishan's favourite. Also all 3 meals the food was so good that 1 plate is not enough for me^ ^”.

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