Saturday, October 18, 2008

SMH Good Food Month 2008 Sugar Hit : Four Seasons Hotel

I has been waiting for this month since I came to Sydney.....October is a very special month for foodies (also for me cuz it is my birthday It is called Good Food month....There are many special events as you can see the detail in SMH Good Food Month. One of them is Sugar hit ! Every night during Good Food Month, some hotels offer a dessert plate and glass of Brown Brothers dessert wine or Hennessy Cognac for $20.

So Heidi, Stella, Kimmy and I decided to try at Four Seasons Hotel for our first time...(hehe...we plan to go again next week).

We called for booking at 8 pm. but the hotel informed us that sugar hit starts at 9 we had dinner at Makoto first . Then we arrived the hotel around 8.45 pm. and went to The bar upstair. The staff told us nicely that it wasn't time yet, we should wait at the lobby first and come back at 9.00 pm...So we just sat and waited....At 9.00 pm, we came back to the same place but this time there was no staff at all...we waited for a few minutes and saw some people who came for sugar hit also...Finally there was the staff told us that the place is another side of the floor.....

Ready !

They offer the choice between Brown Brother’s Orange Flora and Muscat dessert wine and Hennessy Cognac. Stella went for Cognac. The rest of us chose the wine which was very nice, rich and sweet...I like it ! The glass was too small

Deconstructed Sachertorte with Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate cream, and Apricot Jelly. The sachertorte was light but a bit dry. However, it went very well with the chocolate cream which moisturized the cake when eatten together, very good components ! The chocolate cream was the best part of me, smooth and light. At first I reckoned it was mousse then we asked the waiter. He said it was the chocolate and fresh cream...The ganach was decent and the apricot jelly helped this dish not too chocolaty... Nevertheless, I doubted about the 2 chocolate straws decorated in the middle part of the plate that it wasn't a couverture but compound -_-''

Kimmy & Stella.

Ja & Heidi....So happy, girls party !!!

Cheers !

Four Seasons Hotel

199 George St., Sydney, NSW, 2000

Ph: (02) 9238 0000


Lorraine E said...

Happy Birthday! :) Sounds like you had a nice girl's night out. The Four Season dessert looks fantastic but oh no, compound chocolate on the straws-eek!

Bean Sprout said...

lorrain e : thank you ! yeah, we did have a nice time...anyway, I think it was a good quality of compound ... so it was not too bad ..haha