Thursday, December 11, 2008

My first award !

Couldn't believe that I receive the award ! Such a honour, Thanks Annie !

and the award came with seven meme... quite fun, I like lol

Seven things I say most often

1) It's ok.
2) What did you eat?
3) I'm sleepy.
4) I'm hungry.
5) Understand.
6) Woiiii.....
7) Up to you.

Seven things I did before
1) Worked as a full time employee in Theme park in USA for 3 months (food service).
2) Spent 4 hrs sitting and reading book in a cafe.
3) Accidentally put salt instead of sugar twice for the same cake.
4) Forgot to put sugar in the chocolate cake.
5) Dined in the best restaurants in Sydney (Tetsuya's) and in Melbourne (Vue de monde)
6) Ate only cakes for the whole day.
7) Thrown away my goodies since it were too bad to eat.

Seven things I do now
1) Study at Le Cordon Bleu
2) Blog
3) Bake
4) Find the pastry jobs
5) Take photo
6) Enjoy life !
7) ...can't think ^ ^''

Seven things I want to do
1) Travel
2) Write pocket book or have a food column.
3) Run my own cafe
4) Learn photography
5) Study Chinese
6) Dine in Fat Duck
7) Get married lol

Seven things that attract me about the opposite sex
1) Ability to make me laugh
2) Beautiful hands and broad shoulders
3) Gentleman
4) Clean
5) Good minded
6) Romantic
7) Love food !

Seven favourite foods (of course too little!)
1) Dark Chocolate
2) Tiramisu
3) Cheese
4) Panini
5) Anything from Eggplant
6) Bread
7) Coffee


Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Here is mine!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

joe : haha...thanks for sharing. I will take a look.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ja, is part-time study available in the evening I mean? I know one course consist of three days of study each week but wasn't sure if we can choose to study in the evening.

Annie said...

I love that you once ate nothing but cake for a whole day! I wish I could do that!

Jutapha said...

you deserve it ka

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

joe: hope to see u soon :D

annie : haha...I wanna do that again actually :P

jutapha : thanks thanks ka..sis

SiHaN said...

well deserved! fyi, i love anything with eggplant in it as well. haha.

panda said...

sounds like we have a couple of common interests!
hope you're well? Miss seeing the updates on your blog!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Sihan : haha...yeah, it is so nicely sofe, isn't it?

Panda : yeah, I agree..somemore always go to the same place to eat :D

Now I am in Malaysia for holiday and didn't bring laptop, so can't post anything yet. But then when I go back to Thailand, the internet is so slow, anyway, I will try my best ^ ^

Xiu Long Bao said...

Nice blog you have here.

Keep up the eating and blogging :)

Anonymous said...

How is Malaysia and Thailand? Looking forward to hearing your culinary experience in Malaysia.