Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wasabi @ Esplanade

Just another boring Sunday...actually my friend and I planned to have a late lunch at Central World....But he took about 1 hr to find a car park there..still cound't find, then we changed our plan to go to Esplanade...(so much far..haha..). Finally, late lunch became early dinner 55+

We went to Wasabi Japanese Restaurant where is quite famous in Pantip..many people said it's good ..that's why we were here.

We started with Iced Green Tea...normal standard...

Ebikko Daikon Salmon Roll ..was wonderful..the fresh crunchy sliced daikon (white radish) and the filling was the good combination...The filling were boiled shrimp, cucumber, crab stick, lettuce, shrimp roe and a bit of mayonnaise...

I think it was such a beautiful sculpture...don't you think so? The chef is very generous for shrimp roe... the whole piece in one very freshy..

The second entree was Eggplant Salad with Special Miso Dressing.. This one...aiyo !!! very very yummy. They scooped out the pulp inside first..then cooked it..I think maybe baked ! Then the topping were the deep fried cubed things like fish, shrimp, eggplant pulp and okra. It came really hot which I like. The Miso dressing made this dish fantastic...since it was already strong then they did not need to season the salad too much. Ahh....I really like the eggplant juicy !

It seemed that 2 entrees were the most impressive dishes from me.

For the first main, we had a Deep fried chicken with wasabi filling. My friend ordered this just because of the name. He said as this restaurant is named went for this one. It was quite ok..better than I thought. The chicken is not too dry, still juicy...Anyway, we can't really taste the wasabi.

The second main was Deep fried pork filled with cheese. I ordered this because always see people in Pantip posted it. It was just normal good...a bit disappointed.

2 mains came with miso soup, steamed rice and side dish - cold tofu, japanese leek and shiitake.

Now we made the mistake...since we were too hungry, then ordered one more dish... Assorted Sashimi...sooooo big pieces of sashima..until we both think that it was too big....Yeah ..too big to be good...hahaha.... more room for desserts !