Saturday, July 31, 2010

ATFT food photography workshop

Once I came back from Melbourne, rest abit and get ready for ATFT workshop . Took a bus to Mumu, I was the 3rd person arrived there.

Billy taught us many things from some basic techniques on how to use your camera, how to take pictures in the restaurants, some photo editor program and how to make your blog more public friendly.

During the workshop.. of course we had food !

I am still confused about white balance setting..haha

Sorry for the colour of the pictures, my fault not billy's lol

Billy is very lovely guy. He impressed me first time in Suze's birthday party. ( I mean in real person cuz he impressed me with his blog long time ago) and now he is going to have a workshop in Melbourne. Happy for them :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sensory Lab

Actually at the first evening I arrived Melbourne, Nut took me to this place.. (my wish list place to go)..

wow, I had such a fun time looking and jumping around the cafe... haha

I tried Syphon (first time). Can't remember what the coffee is... not really my cup of tea though (or coffee? ;p)

Before I came back to Sydney, I visited there again for a latte.

Nice one :)

Goodbye Melbourne !

Sensory Lab
297 Little Collins St., Melbourne
Tel : (03) 9643 2222

Le Petit Gateau

LS was kindly enough to give me a voucher from Entertainment book for Le Petit Gateau (buy one get one free). So I came here with Deryk just the day before I came back to Sydney.

We went there quite late around almost 3 pm.

I have seen an award winning French pastry chef Pierrick Boyer in French food series (forgot the name). He is so good in what he is doing.

Some of cakes were sold out, so it was easier for me to make a decision? haha

Chocolate showpiece

Brownie and passionfruit gateau $7.50 : Brownie base, crunchy praline feuillete, passionfruit custard with chocolate mousse and topped with chocolate glaze.

This is their signature one. I had seen it in many reviews and I thought it gonna be normal. But once I tasted it, wow... so nice ! The texture and the combination of the flavours are just right. The brownie was not dry as I read in some reviews (I am lucky?) and the crunchy praline feuillete was beautifully delicious. Love it !

Deryk chose the chocolate coffee cream

Chamomile tea for me

The tart shell was good, very short. And you can taste a hint of coffee in the filling but it was a little bit too subtle for us. Still good one anyway. The quenelle on top was whipped cream with some orange liqueur, very nice.

This shop is a lot better than I thought (dunno why I thought that) .. recommend for cake lover :)

Le Petite Gateau
458 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel : (03) 9944 8893


Lucky enough when I was walking along the street after having a delicious croissant at Monsieur Truffe, I found an interesting chocolate place called "Shocolate". I have heard of it before but had no idea where it is. But because I just had a hot chocolate, I came back on the other day to try thier one.

Looks really nice inside. The guy behind the display are very friendly, the most friendly one I have met. I had a hard time deciding what flavour of moulded chocolate I should try and he kindly explained to me about each flavour.

Moreover, I asked him whether I can take picture of the shop and he said sorry, they do not allow to take any picture... Sadly I told him I came from Sydney for holiday then he let me take the picture of the shop but not the actual products on the display. That was very nice :)

There are so many varieties of chocolate drinks on the menu. Many flavours of hot chocolate, iced chocolate, coffee, tea and the one I am interested the most is chocolate cocktail menu, called "Shocktail). Oh my, the alcohol with chocolate... must be nice ! (unfortunately I couldn't have any alcohol because of the Reflux T_T). There are also many desserts which I really want to try but I have to drag more friends here with me.

So I ordered the classic dark hot chocolate.

They served their hot chocolate with an additional small jug of steamed milk dusted with shaving chocolate. He said I can adjust the thickness of chocolate to my preference. However, the hot chocolate was perfect by itself... Thick and rich (but not too rich like italian one), just the way I like. I finished the whole tall cup in sec and drank some steamed hot milk.. haha.. One of the best hot chocolate I have had. (Kokoblack is used to be my favourite, now Shocolate !)

If I have a chance to go to Melbourne again, definitely go back and try their chocolate cocktail menu :P

3/296 Brunswick St., Fitzroy VIC 3065
Tel : (03) 9415 6556