Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trip to Malaysia Part I

I flied to Malaysia since mid December last year... First meal in Malaysia at 10.00 pm was in the restaurant opposite our house.

Even it was quite late, still have a few tables.

Hokkien Mee, last time I had it was delicious but this time it was too salty.

Wa Tan Hor : Just the way I like, the gravy was tasty and I like the texture of the noodle.

Frog legs clay pot : Soft and tender with a hint of ginger.

Steamed fish (sorry I don't know what the fist is) Fresh firm and sweet.

Buttered salted egg calamari : Amazingly good. I have never had any buttered dishes in Thailand before. Here in Malaysia, there are buttered eel, butterd soft shell crab, etc.. I love this dish.

The next day, Deryk's friends took us to eat Nasik Lemak at Village Park Restaurant in the Damansara Uptown area.

It was quite busy there which means the food should be good.

Nasik Lemak with Ayam Goreng

My dish, the nasik lemak comes with the usual condiments like sambal, fried ikan bilis, chicken, cucumber slices and hard boiled egg. The sambal was a bit sweet (not too sweet) unlike sambal I had before. Deryk said it is the way sambal should be.

The fried chicken was a must; it was marinated and cooked perfectly, hot, moist and crispy.

Nasik Lemak with ayam rendang

Others ordered Nasik lemak with ayam rendang, it looked tender and they all finished, shouldn't be bad.

At the front of restaurant.

After lunch, we went to tapau Cendol in Section 17, PJ. Deryk said this one is the best in town (for him)

no space.

I like the traditional ice shaving machine... long time never seen.

I forgot to take the photo but the cendol was nice, not too sweet and the little green noodle was nicely soft.

This lunch, we had varieties of food at SS2

Deryk's Kon-Lo(dry) Chiyok(pork) mee, I am still confused what is the different between wantan mee and kon-lo mee.

Lobak (Five-spice roll) : First time I had this one, my friend said there is this kinda food in Phuket also.

Behind is Henrik's dried Wantan Mee with BBQ pork.

The popiah here has a bit different filling from the one in Thailand.

It was fat and juicy, and generously loaded with fillings, I don't really know what there are.

Char Kuay Tiew : Very very delicious. I wanna have it now !


Heidi said...

haha, looks like you had fun eating in malaysia. next time, i'll bring you to eat nyonya cendol! and kampong nasi lemak!

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Snow White said...

Actually the 2nd picture not HOkkien Mee..Hokkien Mee is with soup,prawn and spicy one..This one we called it 'dai luk mee'. XD

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Snow White : Eh? I thought the soup,prawn and spicy one is called Har mee?