Friday, October 24, 2008

SMH Good Food Month 2008 Sugar Hit : Kings Cross Hotel

After last week we went to Four seasons hotel for Sugar hit, we feel like going this week we came here, Kings cross hotel for the Black & White Tasting Plate. Heidi, Stella and I took the train from Town hall just for 2 stops...

Not so many people at that time...

The neon Coca Cola sign flickered at us whilst we were waiting...quite nice !

Brown Brothers orange muscat....same as the one at Four season. Heidi mentioned about the difference, she said the wine here was sweeter....Umm...I only noticed that the wine here was colder which should be less sweet? ....but I also had a bias after listened to Heidi that I prefer the one in Four season...hahaha

Black & White Tasting Plate: Indulge in a Warm Chocolate fondant & Frangelico Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Panna Cotta & Grand Marnier Rhubarb and Bitter Chocolate Sorbet & Champagne Raspberry

Grand Marnier Rhubarb and Champagne Raspberry....The rhubarb compote was a bit weird for me...I couldn't taste any Grand Marnier or the Champagne in Raspberry...Just feel like fresh raspberry, tuile biscuit and sour soft thing on top...However, it helped the plate not too chocolaty.

Chocolate fondant & Frangelico Chocolate Sauce. As I read from Helen that she couldn't taste much Frangelico... so I tasted the sauce carefully...haha... Yeah, I did taste it ^ ^'' The chocolate fondant was not bad at all, taste like I bake at home... Don't get me wrong that I am saying I am good but for us, who loves baking, using good quality ingredients already 70% determines the good result.

Bitter Chocolate Sorbet....I like it just they gave us too Anyway, I still prefer eating chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream.

White Chocolate Panna Cotta...too sweet for my liking (and also for Heidi and Stella). I was wondering about its texture....doesn't feel like gelatin...mmm....don't know how to explain but I was thinking it was thicken with cornflour? I don't mind this texture by the way.

At the end, 3 plates were all clean...hehe

Kings Cross Hotel

248 William St., Kings Cross, Sydney

Tel : (02) 9358 3377


Kym said...

Kings Cross in the middle of the night? *Gasps*

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

haha...its ok...The hotel is just next to the train station... so we didn't have much chance to see the Kings Cross at nite :D