Sunday, August 31, 2008

Olive oil class @ Essential Ingredient

Meng let me know about Olive oil class at Essential Ingredient, Crows nest. It is a Olive oil appreciation class. So we went there on Saturday. There were around 8-9 attendants.

Staff were preparing the table for us.

Lots of beautiful olive oil.


First, there were 5 small cups in front of us.

Green apple andd water cracker to clean our palette.

Main thing they taught us today was how to classify the olive oil. There are 3 basic styles of olive oil that are determined by the intensity level of the positive attributes of the oil. There are mild, medium and robust.

We can describe the taste of Olive oil by Flavour (Tomato leaf, green apple, green tea, herbal, passion fruit, lemon, almond, etc.), Bitterness (bitter, sweet), Pungency (peppery, chilli, tight, throat catching)

You can see, one is a bit cloudy, one is clearer..

Before we taste, we need to warm the oil in our palm to make it release its aroma.

In a minute, 5 cups full of diffirent olive oils.

At the end, we tasted about 13 olive oils...such an interesting experience !

Essential Ingredient

477 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest,

NSW 2065, Australia

Tel (02) 9439 9881

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Heidi said...

My god! this looks so interesting! so did you find out which kind of olive oil has the highest eating quality?