Saturday, January 3, 2009

Trip to Malaysia Part V (End)

Last post about food in Malaysia for this trip but it was another my favourite... So so so yummy !

There are about 4-5 branches in Malaysia and Indonesia... We went to the one at Taman tun.

Iced lemon tea and Soya-cincau (soya milk with black jelly)

Hot lemon tea and Iced lemon tea

Pei tea : A crispy ‘cup’ filled with minced meat and vegetables such as carrots and turnip and paired with watery chilli sauce. It is similar as Krathong Thong in Thailand. It is really good, the cup is crispy and the filling is flavoursome.

Chicken Lorbak : (Malaysian five-spice chicken rolls) Basically, it is the meat wrapped with bean curd skin and deep-fried. Also very good.

Oyster omelette, it was not bad but I had the better one before.

Rendang Beef : The beef was very tender and aromatic in flavour.

Hee bee butter soft shell crab : deep fried soft shell crab with butter, curry leaf and dried shrimp. Fabulous !!!!!!!! I wanna eat it now ! Never seen it in Thailand.

Assam Lemak fish head curry : Actually the pot was very big, it was hot, spicy, sour, a bit sweet. 2 thumbs up ! Taste is very similar as some Thai dish but different..hehe

Gai lan dish: I forgot the name, but it was the combination between deep fried and stir fried chinese broccoli. Nothing special.

I really like the decoration here.

Cendol with Durian: Deryk wanted to try... The durian taste was not too strong as I was worried.

Mum's Cendol

Henrik's something pudding... Still have no idea what it is.

Uncle's drink: fresh coconut juice.

While we were almost finishing the meal, The big group of people walked into the restaurant... I didn't bother but suddenly Deryk said ''Oh, my goodness! Is it true? Is it true?'' One of them is ''Abdullah Bahdawi''. Yeah, he is the Malaysian prime minister.

Lucky Uncle knows someone in that group, so we got the photo with him. Hehe... we were very lucky !

This is the last episode about Malaysia trip. Truly I have eaten more food than I post, but sometimes I didn't have chance to take pictures or even I forgot my camera when I went to Dragon-i where was very good restaurant also...

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