Thursday, June 7, 2012

Magnum Chocolate Masterclass

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Belgium chocolate workshop which was a part of the press conference launching the new Magnum that replace the chocolate coating with the real Belgium chocolate. The event was held at the Okura Prestige Bangkok, Wireless rd.

Sorry for the quality of the photo. Forgot to bring camera, so all photo is from iPhone.


Gotta have some savory things before sweets, right? My friend, Pink,  said that here serves one of the best cocktail food for this kinda event.

After filled up our tummy, we entered into the room... chocolate room?

I thought there would be a few people, but I was wrong. There were only 5 bloggers but lots of other guest.

Belgium chocolate, so who else can present it better than Belgium chocolatier? Chef Jean-Louis Graindroge, the head chef from ‘Duc de Praslin Belgium’ Chocolaterie of course suits the event.

One of the cutest thing I have seen... Magnum flash drive ! Happy me :)

Chef Jean-Louis taught us the history of chocolate and the way they were processed. And of course, we couldn't truly know about chocolate without tasting ^__^

As we all know, chocolate basically can be categorized in to 3 ; Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and White chocolate. A box of 6 pieces of chocolate was placed in front of us with a cup of black tea to clean our palate for each tasting.

1. Swiss White Chocolate (claimed to be made from the best milk, tastes sweet and creamy with a hint of vanilla.)
2.English Milk Chocolate (Chocolate with a caramel-ish character)
3.American Milk Chocolate  (Chocolate with more nutty than English one)
4.African (Peru) Dark Chocolate (64% quite green and strong flavor)
5.Asian Milk Chocolate (Compound chocolate with vegetable oil. Fake chocolate. Taste like plastic)
6.Belgium Milk Chocolate (56% rich chocolate flavor. Creamy. Slowly melt in your mouth.)

Here come to wine pairing.

White chocolate with Proseco
white chocolate with the raspberry ganache & berries... love love.

Milk chocolate filled caramel which taste stronger, paired with Proseco.

 Dark chocolate with hazelnut praline paired with red wine.

 All bonbon tastes quite yummy ..hehe

Now it is time for us to create our own Magnum plated dessert.


 My dish, I just took the things I wanna eat... like buffet, huh? lol

 The new Belgium chocolate Magnum will be launch around end of June. There are 3 flavors; Chocolate truffle, Chocolate with almond and Classic... Stay tuned to try them :)

5 of us (food bloggers) N'Mee, N'Boong, P'Wan, Me and K'Pink :)

Special thanks for K.Fern and K.Ann, PR Team for inviting us :)