Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Graduation !

9 months have gone ! lots of baking, lots of good friends. Yeah, I graduated ! The 11 Feb 2009 is my graduation ceremony day. The practical class I have passed, now I am doing Certificate 4 which is about management.. no more kitchen ! In July, due to a requisite for finishing the program, I need to work as part of our Industry Placement which I can work anywhere around the world..haha ( if I can find). Anyone who knows the pastry jobs available, let me know please :P

haha... for some of us that might not know.. girls always like this

Nicole, Heidi, Ja

4 Thais people.. yeah, just 4!

with Seok, thanks for being such a great friend !

Stella, Nicole, Kimmy, Clair and me

With Heidi, one of my best foodie friend :D

with Chef Andre (my best), Chef Dedier, Chef Karin

Um, Pin, Ayra and Ricky

Monday, March 16, 2009

Adriano Zumbo Cafe Chocolat II

After first time at Adriano Zumbo Cafe, I always want to go there again.. So before Heidi went back to Singapore, we decided to go there (we went there in an early Feb). 4 of us, Heidi, Stella, Seok and Ja.. This time I tried to use Seok's camera (Cannon 40D) but because his lense is not for macro picture so some photos are a bit blur T_T

Until now, I still haven't tried any chocolate from there..

Tea for me (forgot what it is)

Iced chocolate for Seok... Not good.

Mediterranean toasted sandwich: : Roasted veggies, salami, sundried tomato with seeded mustard $9

Vegetarian: Roast pumkin & tomato with basil & bocconcini $9.00
We like both toasted sandwiches... I prefer the vegetarian one.

Miss Marple deconstructed: Marscapone filled crepes with Orange & strawberry & maple $13.50

From Seok's camera

I have been wanted to try this for long time, since every blogs say its so good. And it is! the crepe was nicely thin and soft. The mascarpone cheese had melted becoming a anglaise-like sauce (borrow this word from heidi) mixed with maple syrup... Wolla ! served warm with the iced orange jelly and strawberries... so so so buttery ! This dish is better to be shared by 2 people or more.

It's NOT a hamburger!: Giant chocolate macaron sandwich with a dolce de loche gelato, rice pudding + bitter choc soil $13.50

From Seok's camera (so sad its blur)

Mmm... I was the one who wanted to try this dish but we were quite a bit disappointed. The macaron was a bit dry but it was beautiful. I was thinking how to make it this nice especially it is such a big macaron. The ice cream was the only one in the plate that sastified us. I don't like the texture of the rice pudding though.. a bit weird for me. And we couldn't finish it.

Heidi & Seok

Ja & Stella


Ton Ton

After school, we was so hungry. I asked Seok to try dinner here.

Spicy Chicken Don

It is chicken karaage with the Japanese seasoning powder. The chicken was soooo juicy, piping hot, so-crispy skin, drizzled with mayonnaise... so good. Only if it is less salty, it would be perfect. They gave so much chicken then I had to ask Seok to hlep me

Stir fried something Seok ordered... taste like Chinese, not bad just nothing special.

Next time I wanna try Chicken Karaage (not spicy then maybe it will less salty?)

Ton Ton Regent
Ground Floor501 George St.,
Sydney 2000
Tel: (02) 9267 1313


Encasa... another Spanish restaurant that I wanna try... One day, when Seok, his friend and I were thinking to go Spice I am for dinner, Ping called me and told that he wanted to try Encasa.. so we changed our destination.

Space inside is bigger than what I expected from outside restaurant.

The day I went was pretty hot, unlucky the restaurant have no air conditioner.

Special deep fried Squid in squid ink batter served with Aioli $12

We waited for long before the first dish was served. Sam said that the black batter is because they fried it too long till it burn. hahahaha. The taste was interesting, not too oily and good when eat with Aioli.

Chorizo a la Plancha: Grilled Spanish Sausage $9.5

Not bad but I prefer the one at Casa Asturiana

Tortilla Espanola : Omelette with patato and onion $7.00

Again, it was not bad, just that Casa Asturiana make it better (for me)

Pinchos de Pollo con Mojo: Chicken skewer with red capsicum, olive oil, cumin, vinegar $11.00

I can't remember how it taste like (I went there in early Feb)

Paella Vanlenciana: Saffron rice with chicken and seafood (for 2) $48

They said on the menu have to wait for 20 mins for this dish which is common for Paella. It came with a nicely presentation. Lots of seafood and chicken. Quite good just a bit too salty.



We found a tiny crab... so cute!

I found here was ok, just everything was very salty! (even I know that Spanish food is quite salty)

423 Pitt St.,
Sydney, NSW 2000
Tel : (02) 9211 4257

Zen Cucina

The last meal before I left Bangkok... again at Zen Cucina.

Mum, me and my friend, Ake who helped me eating sushi cuz mum don't like eating raw stuff. I just found out that I forgot to notes all the name of menu T_T

Scallop steak.

Big and juicy.

Condiments for steak

Warm eggplant salad with raw beef?

The hot fried eggplant on top make the beef a bit cooked. Nice !

Spicy cod roe sparghetti. Last time it was better, today it was too oily and too much butter.

Mushroom Linguine, mum's favourite.

And my dream comes true with Sushi platter !

I heard (good) sushi !