Friday, August 15, 2008

Crumbed Lamb Cutlet with Prosciutto & Parmigiana

Feel like cooking this friday..(actually it was last last friday) so I decided to cook something for our dinner. At first I wanna made Garlic chicken (P'Koy' recipe) but there were no nice part of chicken I want in supermarket...suddenly saw the lamb cutlet ..looks so tempting !

From reading the recipe in the magazine shelf in I planned to make Crumbed Lamb Cutlet with Prosciutto & Parmigiana

left: Fresh bread crumb...I made it myself...grated frozen bread and mixed with herbs and parmesan cheese.

Right: Egg for coating lamb (I forgot the flour for the first coating ^ ^'')



Just pan fry the crumbed lamb cutlet and set aside. Heat the tomato pasta sauce. Put the proscuitto and parmesan cheese on top of lamb and place the lamb into the tomato sauce for a few minute just until cheese melt. Served with mash and green salad.

Ta dah ......

3 dishes...for Ping, P'Boy and I

Proudly present !

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