Friday, July 25, 2008

Le Cordon Bleu : Intermediate Patisserie Lesson

Index for Intermediate Patisserie @ Le Cordon Bleu

IP Lesson 1 : Reversed Puff Pastry

IP Lesson 2 : Petit Four / Hor' dourves

IP Lesson 3 : Gateau Mille Feuille

IP Lesson 4 : Nougatine, Vienna Almond

IP Lesson 5 : Chocolate Nut Cluster, Palines, Coffee logs

IP Lesson 6 : Chocolate Truffles Croquembouche

IP Lesson 7 : Strawberry & Blueberry Tart, Linzer Torte

IP lesson 8 : Gateau St Honore

IP Lesson 9 : Tart au Chocolat Noir and Concorde Gateau

IP Lesson 10 : Vanilla Souffle, Cream Caramel

IP Lesson 11 : Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Raspberry Bavarois

IP Lesson 12 : Hot Chocolate Self-saucing Pudding, Chocolate Mousse and Concorde Gateau

IP Lesson 13 : Hot Cross Bun and Baklava

IP Lesson 14 : Apple Strudel

IP Lesson 15 : Danish Pastries, Donuts

IP Lesson 16 - 18 : Bread bread bread...

IP Lesson 19 - 20 : Croquembouche

IP Lesson 21 : Opera Gateau

IP Lesson 22 - 23 : Ice cream and Sorbet

IP Lesson 24 : Brasilia Gateau

IP Lesson 25 : Le Fraisier

IP Lesson 26 : Raspberry Mousse Cake

IP Lesson 27 : Tiramisu Gateau, Sacher Torte

IP Lesson 28 : Macarons, Biscotti, Piped shortbread

IP Lesson 29 : Vanilla Horns, Jam Cookies, Basler Leckerli


My holiday in Melbourne 2008


First meal with Man (Thai friend who finished cuisine from LCB, Thailand and came here to do Cert4) We were very hungry so I took him to Zowa, World square.

Lots of seasoning...

I like the atmosphere here...pretty cute !

see !

I just know that Korean also serve Omurice...I thought it is Japanese...

There are special menu for lunch also.


Ready !

Man had the Omurice with grilled chicken & chilli sauce...

Rice was good, it was fried rice with their special recipe which I dunno...but the chilli sauce was weird...

Mine : Omurice with Hamburg and tomato sauce...

The beef was good, especially the sauce and mayonnaise...Ah..I like it !

Fancy menu outside...

Another interesting choice when you are hungry in the city ^ ^

Zowa CafeShop 7, LG Floor World Square,

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel : (02) 9267 5050

The Old Vienna Coffee House

Today my best girl, Lin, came to the city (she lives in Paramatta) we had lunch together.

Just dropped at a cafe in QVB.

I was not we ordered one dish to share.

Lin's drink.

My drink.

Tea come with hot water and milk.

Miss you so much...

Already afternoon but I had English Breakfast tea...hehe

We had Lingiuni with salmon cream sauce...


But taste was so plain...not creamy, not tasty at all...

The Old Vienna Coffee House

Shop 2, Level 1, Albert Walk,

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney NSW 2000


Such a lonely night....I was cold and really hungry....give me some food please ! lol

Actually I am happier when I am hungry that full...because I can eat more ..haha

I walked to Haymarket to Kura...The small Japanese restaurant where I knew from Panda & cakes

There are only 14 seats here....

The meal served with hot miso soup...

I chose just normal Chicken Tonkatsudon...(I dunno they serve pork or not)

The chicken was ok, the sauce was ok, the rice was ok...everything was just ok....but I was so satisfied ! Sometimes even it is not a best dish but it can make you happy...


76 Ultimo Road, Haymarket.

Just opposite Market City


A few first day I was here in Sydney...always dine alone...such a poor girl :D Then I found this Korean restaurant around World Square...

I were there at 4.30 pm...not really lunch or dinner time...

Rice came with many side dishes...I like Korean food because of this ...

Warm and soft rice...

My pork and tofu kimji soup...(forgot what is the name of this dish)

Not bad...A first few minute I ate...I thought they forgot to give me pork, maybe they gave me Tofu soup? But I didn't bother cuz felt that ..ok let's be healthy...then kept eating....I found out that lots of pork (belly part) were under the veggies....Healthy food become so fatty..haha

Bite Me

At first, we IP3 were thinking about having BBQ party at some parks or beaches...then finally we decided to go to eat at the restaurant in Bondi Beach instead...then "ok ..1.00 pm at Bondi beach"...That was what Seok told everyone.
You couldn't imagine how many people joined this party....3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah...Me, Seok and Sam :(

So we went to Bite me...I influenced them cuz wanna eat since I read from beverly

The paper sheet for our creativity during waiting for food.

Pepper and salt grinders..cute !

Seok...what are you looking? haha

We had just water which has a piece of lemon.

Which colour do you want?

Sam's order : Great Australian Bite topped with fried organic egg, melted cheddar cheese, bacon rasher & grilled fresh pineapple $16.00

It was HUGE !!! How can we eat this one? Even Sam had to separated them first..haha

Seok's : Beef Encounter™ $15.50 King Island beef burger topped with melted King Island Cheddar, sautéed red onions,vine-ripened tomatoes,cos lettuce & Bite Me BBQ sauce

Ja's : BLOODY MARY $16.00 Terra Rossa beef burger flavoured with vodka, horseradish, onion, tomato & parsley, smothered in our secret recipe Bloody Mary sauce (including vodka, Worchestershire, Tobasco & tomato) served with cos lettuce

Why was mine the smallest one? Haih...

Smile !

Even it was so small, I was still happy cuz I have never eat real Hamburger since I came to Sydney.

Ready !

Can you see the difference between Sam's and mine?

Sam was trying to eat.

Anyway, mine was very normal...I couldn't feel any vodca or anything time I will try something with cheese...must be nicer.

After that we went for ice cream.......

So many varieties.

Maple walnut, Cream brulee and chocolate chips.

OK...this one is for you guys from Sam lol.

Bite Me Bondi Beach

108 Campbell Parade (near Ravesi's)

Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Tel : (02) 9300 6566