Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New friend I (Glebe St. Festival + Red chilli + Watson Bay + Pancake on the Rocks)

I found out that a couple years recently I always have new friends due to my blog and webboards (of course food-related). Most of them are very great friends and became my close friends now. This time again, one of my friend in Thailand introduced me to her friend, Mr.B, who is coming to Sydney for holiday. First we, Mr.B, P'Ta and I, went to Glebe Street Festival. (Some of pictures below are from Mr.B)

The weather was nice that day.

But there were not many food stalls which made us so disappointed. Most of them were clothes and accessories.

We ended up having a quick break at Clipper Cafe.

So happy having my pictures using DSLR camera..hahaha
We were still hungrily heading to China Town to find somethings to eat and chose Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant.

Laziji : Deep fried chicken with dried chilli
Mapo Tofu: Hot and spicy silky tofu with minced pork
Stir fried Vegetables and pork.

My homemade Lemon tart & workplacemade Macarons :P
After late lunch, P' Ta went back home so Mr.B and I decided to go to Watson Bay (also my first time there)

My lemon tart & P'Ta's oreo mousse.

Then we took a ferry back to city arrived almost 8 pm. and had a light dinner at Pancake on the rock (it was my 2nd time after 2 years)

I like this picture taking by Mr.B (cuz my camera can't take like this)

At first time I had dinner here I thought it was just alright but this time it was worse..hehe. The pancake was far away from The Pancake Parlour in Melbourne.

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Heidi said...

wa! who is your friend? how come no picture of his face?