Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a eating day Part I - Good Living Growers' Market

Last Saturday it was a very busy day for tired but happy ! One of Thai friend, P'Maam, who I have known from Pantip but never met came to Sydney ..Very lucky for her that she came on this Saturday which was the Food and wine fair day in Hyde P'Tar (also my first time met her) and I planned to take P'Maam to the Good living growers' market first in the morning then had lunch in Hyde park....Moreover, for dinner I had a plan to meet P'Gler, another good brother, at Circular Quay...He took a group tour here.

3 pretty ladies reached the market at 8.30 am. We walked around to see all the stalls first before having breakfast.

Today the forecast said gonna be shower...but lucky it was just clouded in the morning...

I have heard about how good of this ice cream is but never tried....P'Tar bought the mochaccino: the chocolate fudge cookies paired beautifully with espresso ice cream...I tried hers, the ice cream was very nice and strong in coffee.

My favourite cookies shop...Whisk & Pin. I love all thier biscuits. When you eat the muesli is as if you eat the real muesli. Also the chocolate fudge cookie, every bite is full of chocoate chunks...heaven !

The asparagus looks very beautiful..too bad that I am too lazy to cook.

I was thinking to buy peach...but P'Tar said just wait a bit until the price is down..hehe (actually this one is not bad..$6 for a box)

Another nice pastry shop...thier lemon poppy seed cookies and chocolate cookies are so yummy ! (and so kind to give a lot of samples)

Small goods shop...

Cheese stall and Lamb stall...

Consumate....I think today their products seems less than normal.

Goose eggs....very seen big, also another huge cheese.
Finally we sat down at the table for small breakfast (cuz we will have a big lunch)
My almond croissant and P'Maam's Fig mascarpone tart from Consumate, P'Tar's Muesli cookie and pistachio & cranberry short bread from Whisk & Pin.

Can't remember P'Maam's juice, P'Tar's flat white and my skinny cappuccino.

P'Maam and P'Tar...
We had a good talk and nice time there...until around 10.30 am., we decided to go home first then meet again at 12.30 pm. at Woolworth...Ready for Food and wine fair !!!


Annie said...

I thought Consumate had a lot less on offer this month too. A pity, because we always get second breakfast from them (after first breakfast from Eummundi!)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

annie : The Eummundi is the Bacon and Egg roll? I think there are the B&E roll for 3 shops just can't remember the name ^ ^''