Sunday, May 25, 2008

Primo Italiano 2008

Having so much fun last Sunday, my friends and I went to join the Italian festival...called Primo Italiano Exhibitions and Shows, Festivals and Celebrations....Celebrating Sydney's First Little Italy Stanley and Yurong Streets, East Sydney

Su hee and I met up in front of the Wooworth Supermarket, George st. .. It was very cold and raining at that we quickly walked to the festival...

When we arrived there, lucky the rain stopped....The place was packed with so many love-eating people...

This shop sells Italian sausages....

Beppi's is the restaurant at that area and they also open thier kiosk sold just 2 dishes.. Eggplant Parmigiana and Polenta with wild mushroom...

He is soooooo cute....At firsr i tried to take picture of the shop but then ..suddenly moved my camera's focus to him...and he was smiling to me...^O^

Bertoni got 2 shops today...and both of them were full of people waiting for thier coffee and some goodies....Su hee had long black here...I was so sad because I have already had coffee at home before went there T_T Coffee aroma was really really really good...and I saw their milk froth was sooooooo smooth...*sigh*

Of course there was the great bread shop there...Sonoma Artisan Sourdough Baker

Bread there looked beautifullllll..I bought Kalamata Olive Sourdough....really sublime...

Lots of breads...there were many types of sourdough: olive, walnut and saltana, plain ..etc...

I have asked them what it is called...but can't remember...made from Chocolate, candies fruits, nuts, honey and some spices.

Cheese, cheese and cheese...This shop was the most popular one...

My first dish was Eggplant Parmigiana $5.00 (I bought it not because of that cute guy :P but cuz I like eggplant)....The best of today !

Wild mushroom and truffle Risotto $5.00 ...(shared with Su hee)...This one was nice aswell...they finished it with good parmisan cheese and olive oil.

Beef Lasagna $5.00 ..(shared with Su hee)...just ok...


It's not mine...Um's Prosciutto Pizza $9.00 (Um is another Thai girl who followed us there)...Took so much time to wait for this...

Chocolate Gelato $4.00...(shared with Su hee)

After we were too full..haha yeah..too full....we kept walking to digest food we ate....

Somebody gives me a bouquet please !!!

Parmisan cheese.....

They were really friendly......Such a happy time ..^ ^ (Ja and Um)

I was really enjoy this supposed to be Meng, Sylvia, Um and I came here...Unfortually, some problem about Train's time table happened with Meng again...then he couldn't make it...sorry for you, Meng...But it is ok...I ate nice food for you too :P

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sappho Books & Cafe

Wow...this week I went to 3 nice cafes in a row....Every Saturday, there is the Glebe Market in a school area in Glebe. So I planned to find some nice breakfast and continue walking to the market.

And finally, I chose this cafe for today...Sappho Books & Cafe. It is always in my dream to have a nice cafe and book shop together...Because of first, I love coffee and second, I can spend whole day in a book shop...

This cozy seat is just next to the front door...

For cafe section, we have to walk in through the book shop to the leafy courtyard cafe.

There are plenty of seats, the best one among the science fiction books looking out towards the courtyard

From the sign, I started to be happy that here should be good, from Toby's Estate

My table...

It took quite a long time for my order...anyway, nice time to enjoin the view.

My skim cappuccino ... I was quite disappointed cause the coffee was not hot !!! just warm :(

About 10 minutes later... Apple and Cinnamon bread came...I would prefer if they toast the bread more darker...However, it was good, moist and not too sweet.

Sappho Books Courtyard Cafe

51 Glebe Point Road,

Glebe, Sydney, NSW

Tel: (02) 9552 4498

Six Seven Ate

Walking to Cafe Guilia last Thursday, I smell some really good baked goodies...just 1 block before Cafe Guilia, there is another cafe called..Six Seven Ate cool name, isn't it? But because I already had my mission , I just stared at this cafe and then quickly walked pass before I changed my decision..hehe...

After came back home, I was immediately searching this cool named cafe...found some reviews on the internet that they are famous for home made meat pie.

The decoration is very home business. There were some home made cakes, muffins and cookies on the shelf. 2 Cakes still were in the tins which means just finished nice !

Again, I forgot to take photos in front of the cafe.

Salt and pepper containner are cute...

Skim cappuccino came first..Unfortunately, it wasn't good. The milk foam was not smooth enough...It's first time for me to have coffee with not-smooth milk foam in western cafe in Australia.

Chunky beef pie....looks normal. Remember ! Don't judge a book by its cover..

The beef filling was chunky yet tender that retains its meaty, beefy note. Fall apart and moist even the gravy was a little bit gluggy... I still was quite satisfied with it...The pastry was not a puff on top. It seemed to be a like a short crust...just ok for the pastry.

For this meal, not bad ! Very nice service. If you want some nice pie or home made goodies to take away...Six Seven Ate is a great choice !

Six Seven Ate

67 Abercrombie St.,

Chippendale NSW 2008

Tel: (02) 9699 4682

Cafe Guilia

A bit bored reading the foodie blogs and found soooo many nice cafes where i don't really know how to go there...Perhaps I am a slow person who needs time to feel comfortable about going to the places where are not located in my area...

This Thursday afternoon, as normal, i was reading blogs and then suddenly found this cafe...seems so cool and very near my house...just across the street and walk further for 2 blocks...

I spent ages pondering in front of the huge blackboard menu. Hoki Hamburger? Smoked salmon bagel? Soup of the day? My god...I am so indecisive person...Finally quickly order a Grilled eggplant ricotta spinach roast capsicum and basil sandwich on Turkish bread and my skim cappuccino.

I forgot to take photos of Cafe's sign >*<

Sat at the window seat...just need light for perfect shot !

Today was quite a bit dark...but nice view...

some magazines and newsletter...

My skim cappuccino...not bad !

Grilled eggplant ricotta spinach roast capsicum and basil sandwich on Turkish bread....really big for me...i think just half is enough .. but don't wanna take it back I finished it

The Turkish bread was warm, crispy outside and very soft inside...very fresh ingredients for filling...they were so generous for ricotta cheese...until seems to be too much after i ate it all...

Now I know 1 more great place to have the great breakfast !

Cafe Guilia
92 Abercrombie St.,
Chippendale NSW
Tel: (02) 9698 4424

Lesson 12 : Florentines

Another my favourite lesson....Florentines !

I don't like eating very sweet stuffs...for example: all my coffee and other drinks..never put any sugar. But every kinds of sticky, chewy and gluey things...I love it...Such a no reason girl !

Normally, every Wednesday class we got Chef Michael, my favourite...but he was sick today so we had chef Karin again...

Florentines are a delicious mixture of toasted nuts and candied fruit that are coated with a sweet sticky mixture of honey and sugar and baked until golden brown and bubbly and finished with a layer of melted chocolate.

When you hear the name 'Florentine', you instantly think it must be from Florence Italy. Unfortunately, history does not tell us its true origin.

Chef Karin made florentines with dark and milk chocolate.

Of course, I chose the Dark one..Not only because this cookie is already sweet but also dark chocolate is my favourite. In tasting time, I ate 2 !!!!!!!! yes..2 may think ..just 2? but if you taste it, a really buttery and sweet toffee-like cookie, then you will know that I am very good that can finish 2

In our class, we baked florentines in foil tin which is easier than pour the whole thing in the tray and cut it after bake.

All dark....I made 13 florentines...pretty nice, eh?

I love it....and really easy to make...(now I keep eating slowly cuz afraid that i will finish it too soon :D)

Lesson 10, 11 : Chocolate

Yahooooo !!!!!!! Chocolate week !

We all were waiting enthusiastically for this week even maybe got someone who doesn't like chocolate..i think majority of us do.

In lesson 10, the main thing we were tought how to tempering chocolate and making ganache for lesson 11, so i didn't take many photos or bring any chocolate back home...(I was so hungry this day...nothing we can taste ^^'') I will tell you a bit of culinary terms again...

Tempering : The method of inducing cocoa butter to crystallise in a stable form in the fluid chocolate mass by melting and cooling chocolate in order to prepare it for dipping, coating or moulding.

Ganache : A rich creme made of sweet chocolate and heavy cream.
We supposed to make 3 kinds of ganache

We supposed to make 3 kinds of ganache: Coffee with milk chocolate, Cointreau with dark chocolate and Wattleseed with white chocolate...but chef let us do only 2...and the worst thing is...the one we didn't do is Cointreau !!! (as some of you may know..i am a pretend to be - alcoholic girl..hehe). So sad...anyway, I used dark chocolate to made the coffee ganache instead of milk least this can satisfy me instead of cointreau lol.

Wattleseed? I have never heard before. Chef told us that it is the Australian plants and the taste is very good in white chocolate...Its smell is similar as coffee. But I forgot to take photos of my ganache...haih...

By the way, lesson 11...we started making the real mould chocolate...yeah yeah...

Chef Karin made the chocolate beautiful !

Such a cute bunny...made from Chef Karin.

Chef Karin showed us many different mould chocolate.

Faults (caused by inadequate tempering)

  • Fat bloom: appears as a greyish coating or steakiness or dots on the surface of the chocolate. It is greasy to touch and is easily rubbed off. Fat bloom is more noticeable on dark chocolate than on milk.
  • Sugar bloom: also appears as a greyish coating on the surface of chocolate. Unlike fat bloom, it isn't greasy to touch and is not removed by touch. Its crystalline apperance (frosting) is quite rough to touch and affects both milk and dark chocolate.

My dark chocolate with wattleseed ganache filling....I was happy with its shiny !

My white chocolate with coffee ganache filling...also nice...I told myself ..hahaha...

Trying to make marble chocolate...but look so ugly -_-''

I think i did quite ok for chocolate were nice...However, chocolate here, in LCB, is very sweet...even the dark one is quite sweet for my liking....I can eat only one at a time...(which means good?:P)