Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Bean meets Panda !

After I found my twin stomach, Jenny, we took some times to meet each other. She works so near, just 1 block from my house so we met at the bus stop and took the bus to Din Tai Fung... (its last month..sorry I blog too late, Jenny..hehe)

I was very nervous before meeting her, it was just like I gonna meet superstar..haha, really. Cuz I was only saw her via the blog.. So excited when you got chance to meet the person who inspire you.. When I saw her waiting for me at the bus stop.. cute lol.

It didn't take long time for waiting since we were okey to share the table with others.

Din Tai Fung Vegetarian Delight. I had this before and I like it.

Drunken Chicken

Xiao Long Bao (Steamed pork dumplings)

Spicy Pork & Vegie Dumplings with Noodles. I wanted to try this for long time. The sauce was nice and spicy ( it reminds me of Indo mee sauce..hahahaha) but I don't like the dumpling filling.

We had Steamed Taro Dumplings for dessert. Jenny said it would be better if there are some chunck of taro inside, give more texture. Yeah, I agree.

Panda & Beansprout.

It was very nice meeting you, actually I want to talk a lot more but as I said, I was very I hope we got chance to meet each other again, thanks Jenny :)


Simon Food Favourites said...

how was the drunken chicken? worth having?

Anonymous said...

Ooooer! I'd like to meet another fellow Thai food blogger too!

panda said...

you are the sweetest person ever - thanks again for the cupcakes :P and really, i'd have to say that you inspire me more than anything, i'm itching to go back to lcb and finish studying patisserie! when work gets less busy, i'm calling you so we can go out and eat, eat , eat. :D

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : haha.. I was thinking about chicken thats why I didnt comment.. mm..its not bad but the texture is different from what I had before.. you can try, I don't really know its good or bad..haha..but it was alright for me :)

Om nom nom nom : we can meet if you want lol

Panda : hehe.. thanks too. I will tell you the good news soon.. maybe tomorrow ..haha

Betty said...

oh thats very cute of you two!

and very sweet that you made cupcakes as well hehe

what is your email?? you left a comment on my blog, and i like to reply via emails hehe

betty @ bettysbites