Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy (Birth) Day !

Another year passed.. Today is my second birthday here in Sydney. One thing I always tell myself is I am super lucky that people around me is all beautiful people. In my school and university, I have good friends who love to study and never to bad things. Since I graduated, my first (and only 1) work place ( if not include the part time job, WAT program in USA) is just like my second home. I worked there for 5 years and I do love them as my family.

When I came to Sydney, I have known nice people and can't be luckier to work at SWEETNESS and especially Bacco. I have never thought that my birthday this year would be this great. Started around first of a month, one old friend sent me 7 discs of songs from Thailand (I called it my first present of the year). Follow by last friday, I was so so touched by my chefs at Bacco, you can see how wonderful there are.

Today, my great friends, all people I have known in Sydney gave me a great time. P'Ta, Tan, Ping, June and I went to Hurricane's Grill for lunch as they know that I have to work early on Monday (cant have dinner cuz I need to sleep before 10 pm. lol)

Long time never been here, my first time was last year.

Ja, June and Ping.

Warm wholemeal bread with my favourite butter.

P'Ta was cutting and looking at another camera :P

Grilled Calamari $17.70 : Calamari, flash grilled with lemon butter served with rice.

We all prefer rice than calamari. Rice was well seasoned and just nice in texture. Calamari was not so bad though.

Caesar Salad $20.00 : Combination of cos lettuce, bacon, croutons & anchovies, tossed in our own Caesar dressing then topped with shaved parmigiano

I know you may think it is the boring salad.. but it was delicious and went well with ribs... that's why we keep ordering the same dish we normally like.

Full rack of Pork ribs $37.90

Huge tender and flavoursome ribs... We love it, just I thought they should give us more sauce :P

Full rack of Lamb ribs $37.90

First time I tried rack of lamb this style.. The sauce was very tasty. I was think it should be the same sauce as the pork one.. but I still think it is more rich in flavour... The lamb itself was quite nice just a little bit dry.

Before my fingers were full of sauce...haha

My lovely P'Ta... My life in Sydney might not be this happy without her.

Tan, Ja and Ta

I used the fork since this is the first photo of ribs I took, my fingers were still clean..haha

After we all were stuffed with food, we headed to another cafe in World square to have some coffee... and !!!

Tada !!!! My birthday cake from P'Ta

Tiramisu cake.. The mascarpone cheese flavoured baileys layered with sponge soaked with coffee syrup... Wow, P'Ta is not just an amateur anymore :D

Thanks everyone for my super Happy (Birth) Day !

Presents from Ping (Guy) , June and Ping

Last but not least, okey, I think I have to call my mum now ...hahahaha

** update**

Today Monday 19 Oct after work, around 3 pm. Seok called me and said that he was on the way to the city, wait for me... He remember my birthday T^T

He came with a piece of cake and little magnet thing from Korea.

Thank you very much.. I was thinking of you that whether you can remember my birthday... and you do !


Halimeda lover said...

Happy birthday ka...P"Ja...

I like your blog...

Your words gave me smiles ka ^_^

Simon Food Favourites said...

I LURRRRVE hurricane's ribs. my favourite. haven't been for so long and missing them dearly! :-)

marieeats said...

Happy Bday! Hurricanes is good. You should try Kelly's Bar and Grill in Bondi Westfields top level that's even better you get freshly baked bread as a starter.

PS i think i saw you on Sunday at cabramatta. Walking in one of the food alley ways. Was to shy to say hi! ooh i even saw Lorraine - NQN walking out of Tan Viet.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Ja! :D I hope there are many more here. And what a great way to celebrate-ribs and cake!

Heidi said...

Jaa! Happy happy birthday! :D You look like you are having a time of your life. Im really happy for you! :D

Trisha said...

Awww Happy Birthday Ja! Hope you had great fun on your special day! I've heard great things about Hurricane's and those ribs look so appetising! :)

Betty said...

what a lucky gal :)

workwest said...

Happy B'day