Sunday, May 30, 2010

La Grande Bouffe

Feel like having French breakfast, Nut and I went to La Grande Bouffe at Rozelle (actually our initially idea was we wanted to go Rozelle market and Adriano..haha)

Inside was packed of seem-so-mature-people.. only 2 of us are like asian girls..hohoho (yeah, i still call myself girl :P)

Chamomile tea (T2) $3.30

So strange that a coffee person like me had to drink tea cause my reflux ..haih

Fresh Baguette with home made jam $5.50

The hi light of the meal. It was toasted til very crispy and tasted so nice.. even we thought it was almost over toasted..but yeah.. one of the best baguette I had so far in Sydney.

Braised Ham hock with Puy lentils and poached egg $15.00

It was different from what I expected but it was nice. The ham hock was tender and melt in your mouth. The lentils made the dish healthy. The broth was light and flavoursome. I enjoyed the dish but Nut thought it could have been done better.

When you break the egg and yolk run through the broth, the flavour was totally changed.. become richer (but I prefer the light version one).

I quite like the food and wanna try more of their dinner but the place is very noisy... I think it is because of the building material?

Le Grande Bouffe
Shops 1 & 2
758 Darling Street, Rozelle NSW 2039
Tel : (02) 9818-4333
Open 7 days, Breakfast from 7.30am, Lunch from 12pm, Dinner Tuesday- Saturday nights from 6.30pm.