Friday, December 19, 2008

Trip to Malaysia Part III

Canton-i is under the same management of Dragon-i Restaurant, a restaurant that serves Shanghainese cuisine. The concept is similar but Canton-i serves different kind of foods such as BBQ meat, wan tan noodles, rice, congee, dim sum items and desserts. We went to the one at the Lower Ground of The Gardens Midvalley

Part of the frontage of the restaurant is the open kitchen. You can see the BBQ meats and the chefs cooking.

Next to the BBQ open kitchen, A display of pastries is calling people to buy them.

Actually, we was lining up there for 10 minutes, but I just took the photo when there was noboday.

The interior of the restaurant is very nice, with a lil feel of Chinese but also some modern decorations. I was sitting there for about 15 minutes then just noticed that they put a big mirror to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Some of us had Hong Kong coffee and tea mix (Yin yeong) RM5.5 Taste was a bit strange from the one I had before... and it was just lukewarm -_-''

Dragon i juice for Henrik. I asked him to try, very nice, it has a bit of lychee taste.

Henrik's : Stir fired pork belly wantan noodle.. looks very good.

Victor's : Signature prawn wantan noodle RM12.80 He said it was heaven !

The rest of us (Deryk, Nick and I) had Wanton Noodles with honey glazed roast pork and roast pork belly. When they came, we were like ''Wowwww''

The char siu was tender and sweet. Too bad it had too little fat lol. The skin of siu yok was crispy and fatty. I told myself to gave some to Deryk due to the amount of fat..haha.. He was happy though. The noodle, I gave 2 thumbs up ! Just perfect for my liking.

Nick told us the egg tart here is a must !

The pastry is flaky and crispy whilst the egg custard is wobbly, creamy and eggy. But we had the better one.

From Chinese, let's try local food too. I have been to Kanna Curry House last year...and still remember how good it is (I have tried just 1 Bananaleaf here ^ ^)

We went there around 9 pm., there still are some people there.

We choose what we want then they cook freshly for us. Deryk told me that's why here is better than some others

Basically staff come to the table and give you rice, pickles and curries. Any my goodness, he gave us incredible large amount of rice. About 3 big spoons to Deryk. So when my turn, I told him I want only 1 spoon and he was like..''ha?'' hehe.

There are chicken, fish and dal curry...I couldn't tell which one I prefer, I just kept adding 3 of them in my banana leaf lol .

I ordered Pigeon?

Sotong... 2 thumbs up !

We also had another piece of fish as you can see from far in the photo.

Let's photo tell you the story!

People there is very friendly. the one who saw I was taking photo quickly told others to post to my camera :D


panda said...

looks like you ate a lot of food on this trip! i actually really want to go to malaysia so good to read up on your blog all the places to go to and eat!

Gadget Man said...

Kanna Curry House... the best place to have banana leave rice... with deep fried squid

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

panda : hehe...but I was in only PJ this time..didn't go to the city (KL) at all T_T

Gadget Man : wow..mean I am lucky enough to eat there :D