Friday, July 17, 2009


This cozy cafe is on Crown St. It looks small outside but got a lot more space inside than I thought.

You can even sit upstair.

Menu is writen down on the big black board.. dinner menu sounds good too.

Ayla (looks like she had an aura..haha)

We had breakfast at Sparkle cupcake ( cupcake shop) still a bit full so we shared the beef pie

Beetroot, carrot and ginger juice for Ayla and skinny flat white for me.

Beautiful !

It tasted healthy.. mm..too healthy for me (not rich and not creamy, quite light) but Ayla like it.

I will come back :)

Kawa cafe
348a Crown St. Surry Hills NSW 2010
Tel : (02) 9331 6811

Thursday, July 16, 2009

When Bean meets Panda !

After I found my twin stomach, Jenny, we took some times to meet each other. She works so near, just 1 block from my house so we met at the bus stop and took the bus to Din Tai Fung... (its last month..sorry I blog too late, Jenny..hehe)

I was very nervous before meeting her, it was just like I gonna meet superstar..haha, really. Cuz I was only saw her via the blog.. So excited when you got chance to meet the person who inspire you.. When I saw her waiting for me at the bus stop.. cute lol.

It didn't take long time for waiting since we were okey to share the table with others.

Din Tai Fung Vegetarian Delight. I had this before and I like it.

Drunken Chicken

Xiao Long Bao (Steamed pork dumplings)

Spicy Pork & Vegie Dumplings with Noodles. I wanted to try this for long time. The sauce was nice and spicy ( it reminds me of Indo mee sauce..hahahaha) but I don't like the dumpling filling.

We had Steamed Taro Dumplings for dessert. Jenny said it would be better if there are some chunck of taro inside, give more texture. Yeah, I agree.

Panda & Beansprout.

It was very nice meeting you, actually I want to talk a lot more but as I said, I was very I hope we got chance to meet each other again, thanks Jenny :)

Sonoma Bakery Cafe II

3 times visiting Sonoma at Glebe, near my house. I wanted to come back to tried other good-looking pastries since I saw last time.

Skinny Cap.

Berry muffin $3.50 nice.

See, I love good muffin & great

Another time, flat white with Breakfast roll, egg and cheese.

I like this cup... Want it in my cafe :D


3rd time, plain croissant with butter & jam and a cup of flat white.

Sonoma Bakery Cafe
215 Glebe Point Rd.
Glebe NSW 2037
Tel : (02) 9660 2116

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Caffe Quattro Passi

It was my second time going to Paddington Saturday Market.. After finishing window shopping (actually there is no window at the market :P), I was no idea where I should have my breakfast.. Just randomly walked, and I found... Quatrro Passi

By seeing many people having coffee, it proved me that this cafe shouldn't be bad. Somemore, I saw the sign of coffee quide 2009 on the wall, if I am not mistaken, this place got 4 or 4.5 beans for rating.

Skinny Cappuccino, nice !

Toasted Blueberry and banana bread with butter at the side ( I like this cuz I can control an amount of butter myself)

The banana bread was just perfectly toasted, very moist and crisp outside.. haha. Maybe its my bias, even banana bread was very good.

Many people were having big breakfast but too much for me, next time I should take friends here too.

The service is very friendly, made me really enjoy my adventurous meal.

Caffe Quattro Passi
Shop 2, 8 Elizabeth St.
Paddington NSW 2021
Tel : (02) 9331 3785

Single Origin Roasters II

Living in Sydney, I often have more brunch than breakfast and lunch (cuz wake up late..hehe) Today I felt like eating something a bit heavier than my normal muffin.

This amazingly beautiful cappuccino is definitely from Single Origin.

Ham & cheese sandwich.

It's HUGE ! (I finished it -_-'')

Look at the melting cheese !

Single Origin Roasters (shop)
60-64 Reservoir St.,Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Tel : (02) 9693 2242

Boon Chocolate

Again, we went to the place since March, the time that Boon seems to be famous among every blogs. Of couse I wouldn't miss it :) About to finish school, Nicole raised up an idea about going somewhere after class. I told her about Boon and she said she tried it (it is near her house). So there were 3 of us: Billy, Nicole and me.

The real place is different from what I thought when seeing in other blogs.. don't know how different..just different..haha

When you go inside, a big long table of chocolate.. my face was smiling.

The packaging is cute.

Don't you think so?

We went up stair, it was a bit dark and got only a couple sitting at that time.

It took us awhile reading menu and decided what we should get.

We ordered 2 kinds of hot chocolate drink. Nicole and I got the same thing and Billy got the different one. Sorry it was too long till I couldn't remember which one tasted like. Only remember that one has a stronger cocao taste and another one got a hint of flower.

Grenada (South America) Chocolate origin espresso $7.50 - served with a Boon praline and chocolate

Madagasca (West Africa) Chocolate origin espresso $7.50 - served with a Boon praline and chocolate mousse

Happy with all pretty desserts !

We had some desserts to share. Chef told us that the Petit Tarte au Chocolat basically is the rich petite chocolate tart. Sounds good, we ordered it.

Petit Tarte au Chocolat (Orange Blossom) $9.00

It is incredibly tiny ! We all were laughing when it came. It was about 1 bite size.

We devided it into three super small pieces. Yumm.. It tasted great, rich, chocolaty and the crust was so short. (but it was very pricey, $9.00 compare with the size) Anyway, I think the chocolate tart recipe from LCB is still not inferior.

The 3 small moulded chocolate came in a set of chocolate drinks.

Lien, white chocolate ganache infused with anise and vanilla beans

SAIGON, milk chocolate ganache infused with fresh lemongrass

Balsamico, an adventurous blend of strawberry and balsamic vinegar

We ordered another dish !

Belgian waffles with vanilla bean ice cream and Boon chocolate sauce $10.50

Money shot !

It was good, waffle was warm and delicious with the ice cream and high quality of chocolate sauce. (but I love Max Brenner's Waffle ^o^)

Can you see the tart in my hands? It was small I told you.

That day I thought we were sick of chocolate..hahaha

Boon Chocolate
251 Victoria St
Darlinghurst 2010
Ph: (02) 9356 8876