Thursday, September 27, 2012


Haha, my blog post is so out of date... This was almost 1 year ago since I went to Sydney. Going there this time, I of course really miss eating fine-dining. Seeing one of my friend went there and she loves it so much, I booked a dinner at Sepia.

Tonight, 3 of us, Ball, N'Ping and I
Couldn't stand taking picture in front of the restaurant. lol

We were undoubtedly having degustation menu

A butter ball, how cool is that?

 We opted for choosing our wine by glass instead of wine matching. The sommelier is so great recommended us different wines. Love every wines he served us !

I think its a tuna tartar, gosh, too long I couldn't remember -*-

Sashimi of Hiramasa Kingfish, yukari, beetroot, pickled aka seaweed, belle radish, smoked trout roe, violets

It was so delish ! Also the crispy duck skin is too die for.

Sashimi of yellow fin tuna, Jamon Iberico, poached quail egg,soy dashi jelly,onion cream, wasabi powder, puffed buckwheat, red elk.

Very very beautiful dish, again, love it.

Butter poached Port Lincoln squid, barley miso cured egg yolk, lemon, wild woodland sorrel

I am not a fan of raw squid but this blown me away. The texture and the flavour is so amazing ! Incredible texture !
Scampi tails cooked over Japanese charcoal, shellfish custard, crystallised wakame, dill pickled cucumbers, smoked trout roe, shiso
Once the scampi was in my mouth, I was about to cry... hahaha, It was THAT GOOD !

Roasted pasture fed lamb loin, lamb breast, pine mushroom, Chinese artichoke and celery stem, goat milk, seeded rye, pumpkin, rosemary and brown butter vinaigrette

Interesting enough, seafood here is way too good, so then when comes to meat. It seems pale in comparison. Not bad just like I said. Seafood is too good..haha

Seared rolled David Blackmore wagyu beef, chestnut mushroom, roasted red onion juice, wasabi fried potato and kombu crumb, citrus soy

We were really full at this stage. But yeah, always have space for dessert ! I couldn't recall this one. I think its meringue with lemon cream and sorbet? sure it tasted good :D

“Summer chocolate forest” – soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond praline, rose geranium cream, sour cherry sorbet, blueberry jellies, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, crystallised fennel fronds

It was really impressive dessert !

Sorry for the very uninformative, it was too long time remember the details. However, all I remember is I love seafood dishes here very much. The service is great especial the sommelier is very skillful, love all wine he offered. One of the really enjoyable experience. HIGHTLY RECOMMEND !

Sepia Restaurant
201 Sussex Street Sydney NSW 2000

(02)9283 1990

The Wedge Espresso

Okey, finally I push myself to blog today... As some of you may know, apart from Surry hills area, Glebe also is the place for cafes. After I left Sydney, many new places opened. One of them is The Wedge Espresso. If I am not mistaken, 2 of baristas from Le Monde owned this place.

I dragged Ping to join my breakfast cuz its really near our house.

The place is really small yet cool. 

My cappuccino, beautifully made :)
Ping's Latte


We shared the lemon taragon poached chicken sandwich (since I wasn't very hungry).. Looked normal but it was delicious, very nice soy lin seed bread (I guess from Sonoma) with the moist & well seasoned chicken...

The Wedge Espresso
53-55 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney, Australia

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reuben Hills & Campos

Off from Melbourne to Sydney. Wednesday morning, I called N'Ping and luckily she was free to have brunch with me. I walked from Central station to Reuben Hills.

My skinny cappuccino, miss this kinda coffee so much.

A long black for Ball

Hot chocolate for N'Ping

Doggs Breakfast; Ice cream sandwich with sated caramel

We actually wanted this become our dessert but it came first...hehe

Love the salted caramel, really nice.

Soft baked eggs with Jamon, spinach, ranchero & rye

Eggs were perfectly cooked !

My a-must-order : The NOT reuben wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw, manchego & horseradish cream on rye

Look at the fatty juicy meaty... yummy !

After brunch, N'Ping & Ball needed to go back to work, then I called another friend, Ping (guy) and he took me to another my favourite place, Campos !

Always busy.

Ping (guy) ordered a cold drip coffee, I think, not really know about it.

For me, of course ! The best Affogato in town !!!!

Also nice croissant :D

Reuben Hills on Urbanspoon Campos Coffee on Urbanspoon