Sunday, June 29, 2008

2nd Party !! Exam's over

After theory test on Thursday afternoon, we decided to have dinner and watch movie ''Kungfu Panda'' together in the city.

We planned to go to Madang, but again !!!, Madang was full house! (like our 1st party..we also couldn't eat there) Then we had to quickly find some place to eat due to the Movie schedule.

We came to Cafe C'ya where Meng and I tried before and I just think it is very normal korean food...nothing special there.

8 people there : Nicole, Ja, Kwan, Heidi, Stella, Cynthia, Kimmy and Seok (only 1 guy among all pretty girls ^^)

Nicole is so cute !

We went into Cafe C'ya at 6.00 pm and the movie time will be 6.30 pm. So Seok devote himself to go buy the ticket for us....long queue ! Unfortunately, the tickets finished when the queue came to Seok...haha...and he really wanna eat at Madang and watch Kungfu Panda.....Just not Seok's day lol.

So we changed our plan to having some dessert. My turn, I really wanna try the Passionflower cafe...Let's go !

Looks soooooo tempting...we all girls were so happy !

Decent ice cream place. Their flavors are more asian inspired.

Tiramisu in the shelf looks nice...but our mission was ice cream !

The price is quite expensive for ice cream compared with other shops..but wow...the beautiful pictures in the menu made us more than happy.

Seok was so amazed by us...(when we ordered 3 menus...he was like ''Is it dinner?'') lol

8 spoons please !

1st dish, Heaven for everyone : 9 scoops of your choice $38.00 We had black sesame, taro, jackfruit, lynchee with rose petals, white chocolate, greentea, sticky rice and mango... One of the best ice cream ever !

Ja and Kimmy.... really like this picture !

More than word...

2nd dish, Masterpiece : an absolute cracker. Accumulated works of passionflower greatest desserts. There is chocolate crepe with strawberry filling, greentea mousse with red bean, pancake, tiramisu mousse and 2 scoops of ice cream, coconut and sticky rice. $25.oo

This dish was disappionted for me...nothing good except ice cream...Pancake and crepe were so dry, cold and just like pre-made, 2 mousses were so normal...It was just the beautiful decorated dish made u excited.

3rd dish, Orange Chocolate : 2 freshly baked waffles with orange pieces soaked in orange liqueur & coming with 2 scoops of chocolate mud ice creams drizzled with chocolate sauce $15.00 cream was nice but waffle was very disappointed...Orange is an no complain about it (but I can't taste any liqueur at all).

haha....3 huge dishes of ice you know girls when they always say about they are on diet or can't eat is too fattening or sth blah blah blah.....but when desserts come..............

blur photo but I like it.

Of course...Party day hasn't end yet....After that we kept walking to Darling Harbour to find some nice place to sit and drink......walk walk walk..finally ended up at Seok's work place..Pie cafe

He has told me before about his pie cafe but I thought it is a pie stall but it is the nice shop..not only pie but also food and drink.

Stellal had some drink i forgot the name...taste was like mint candy, sweet and strong

Kimmy and I had the same thing, Pimm's No.1 with Lemonade...heard about Pimm's for long time...1st time nice...At first, you can't feel any alcohol but when almost finish.....Bang !

Now Ja and Kimmy were too happy...Oh, Heidi had premix barcadi and she was also drunk...She was dancing and jumping arond while Ja and Kimmy tended to be stoning...laughing and smiling *embarrassed*

Today Seok brought his Polariod camera too...He took pitures for all of us...nice guy :D

Nicole's .....she is sooooooo cute...

Another my favourite ..Kimmy

Seok !!!!!!!!!! I want my photo to be same style as Kimmy and Nicole's too ><

Such a happy time......Thanks for you guys to make me wanna be in Sydney !
Passionflower Cafe
- Town Hall Station, Tel (02) 9281 8322
- Shop G12, Capitol Square 730-742 George Street, Haymarket, Sydney, NSW2000

Friday, June 27, 2008

Assestment Week !

1st Assestment of Basic Patisserie is over !

First day we did the 2 methods of Puff pastry - English and French, and sweet short pastry preparing for 3rd day.

2nd day : 10 12-cm long Coffee Eclairs with coffee fondant. My elcair were more a bit dark in colour than usual. Chef Olivier said he though it might be because somehow I put an extra yolk into the choux paste...anyway, it was the 2nd time I put only 4 eggs instead of 6 eggs from the recipe...then finally I reckon the reason should be that I didn't boil the water and butter when making panade..just warm until the butter melt...hiah...By the way, at least now I know that this problem won't happen again ^ ^

Fondant is the difficult thing for me...have to practise a lot more...

We were listening our evaluation.

The 3rd day, I did the pretty good job. In the morning during the way to school, I knew today I will be lucky cuz we followed 1 car and the car batch is JA009 lol... first time I saw happy ^ ^

Then when my vol au vents came out from the oven, I told Su jin that our vol au vents seem to be very good. Then we put the tray on the bench next to other's.

Many chefs walked into the kitchen and they looked surprised for our products. Moreover, chef Angelo came and ''wowwww'' at my vol au vents (but at that time only a first few students baked vol au vents ..if he saw others..should be like this ^ ^'') . Chef Michael told him these vol au vents belongs to Ja, that ''BIG''Thai girl..hahaha . Then chef Angelo said ''yeah i saw her dough looks nice'' (he was in our kitchen on 1st day)

Yeh yeh yeh.......Ja is happy ^o^

Also the fruit tart...even the tart was a bit shrink but the toughness was much better than last time...not so bad la.

We didn't take the photos before chefs did the after came back, they were all cut. (About 4 chefs tasted our products on that day)

I know it can be better...but today was good enough for me..

Especially when I tasted my vol au flaky and crunchy haha.....really nice. I tried some from 3 of my friends, I think mine is better..:P

I ate 3 big and 4 small vol au vents for dinner with tuna salad filling...yummy !

Today Ja made fire !!!!!!! During doing the pastry tea towel got fire for 10 sec...yeah...10 sec..quite long for fire...You can see evident from my tea towel

4th day was the theory exam...I can say it was pretty easy (I was just confused by some questions). Next week is the last week of Basic Patisserie and then HOLIDAY !


It was the 1st day, Monday, of our LCB BP3 assestment day...We made the puff pastry : French and English method and a sweet short pastry for Vol au vent and fruit tart on Wednesday. We did a pretty good job and finished about 10.45 am.

After that we, Sam, Clair, Seok and I, had lunch at Arisun Korean Chinese Restaurant at Darling Harbour. It was the first time I heard about ''Korean chinese food'' . And it was said on the menu that ''Arisun Chinese restaurant''. Clair explained that in Korea, they call this kind of restaurant Chinese, but actually it is Korean..haha don't be confused by me ^ ^''

The decoration is nice and clear...

Big menu.

Chopsticks, soy sauce and korean chilli?

Hot rice soup with seafood $13.00 I think it is quite interesting that in the soup has noodle and rice together... It is how Korean like to eat.

Beancurd with minced pork on rice $12.00 (can called Mabo tofu) Actually it is one of my favourite dish but here it was just normal. Sam said he can cook better than

Noodle with black bean sauce $15.00 First time i had this noodle....So yummy, the noodle was similar as Chinese one..but the sauce was Korean style (of course it is Korean ^ ^'')

As soon as the noodle was on the table, Seok grabed the scissors to cut it. I was like good idea....

Deep fried meat dumpling $9.00 Nice but not distinctive.

The portion was so generous..

A few minutes later.......

It is a nice place with a nice view in Darling Harbour area...just opposite Kura restuarant...

Arisun Chinese Restaurant
328 Burwood Rd, Belmore, NSW 2192
Tel: (02) 9740 6601

Yee King Noodles and dumplings

Last Friday night...this week Meng and I tried a lots of good food..hehe

Yee King Northern Chinese Noodles and dumplings is the place that everytime we pass by, Meng always tell me they make their own good noodle.

2 free hot Chinese tea.

I like the way they give us chopstick...using different colour...looks not boring and make me smile ^ ^

We ordered just 1 dish to share...Braised Joint of pork in brown sauce $18.50 and 2 rice...At first when we were reading the menu...we were thinking what is the white thing in this dish...I think it looks like egg but impossible there will be so many Meng said it should be Tofu.

It took a bit long time before the food came....but when it was on the table ...OMG ! It was HUGE !!!! and u know...the white things were eggs o_O hahahahaha.....

We think that they put the round bowl into the middle of the plate, arrange the raw eggs around the bowl and steam it...after eggs cooked, just put the pork into the middle. It was so tasty and juicy...even lots of oil on top from the pork fat but still so nice..the egg white were cooked just perfect for my liking, soft and not too hard. The egg yolks were well-done cooked ( we prefer runny yolk but finally I thought that if it is still runny maybe we will feel too much eggy and sick of it)

Pork was tender and not too oily... I can eat the skin which normally i won't.

We were laughing when saw the dish...2 people with 8 eggs.

Can you believe ? We finished 6 eggs (2 for Ja and 4 for Meng) I though the waiter should think how amazing we

Lots of aussie in this time we wanna try noodle and dumplings.

Yee King Noodles and dumplings

408 Sussex St.

Haymarket, NSW 2000

Tel: (02) 9211 1138


The latest addition to the MASUYA group chain that look after Masuya , Musashi & Makoto.

It was raining night again...Meng and I ended up having dinner at Miso...downstair of World Square.

They serve Teishoku...the traditional Japanese consists of main, rice, miso soup and small side dishes.

One of the Teishoku...

The menu is filled with cute pictures of the food.

Unfortunately I wasn't much we decided to order 1 for sharing.

The Hokkaido Bento served with deep fried soft shell crab $18.50

It was soooo pretty...The taste was standard Japanese food but I was really happy to eat that beautiful food....^ ^ Especially I can eat little little little things.

It consists of sushi rice topped with salmon roe and salmon flake, seafood gratin, sweet eggs, deep fried tofu, salmon teriyaki, 3 pieces of salmon sashimi, deep fried soft shell crab and miso soup.

The food is not so cheap but reasonable price. There are still so many cute menu Ja wanna

Miso Japanese Restaurant

Shop 20, World Square

Tel : (02) 9283 9686