Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trip to Malaysia Part II

''Old town white coffee'', one of my favourite places in Malaysia. There are so many outlets being opened throughout the country and it’s becoming like franchised fast food. Food and drink being served here are a traditional Malaysian style. Obviously, they is famous for white coffee.

I like the style...looks traditional but trendy.


Just write the number the paper, then you will get food.

Since I had coffee at home already, I ordered Old Town white milk tea RM 2.80. Good and not too sweet.

Old Town Iced milk tea and Iced coffee.

Old Town Nasi Lemak Special RM6.80 : Coconut rice with the fried chicken, hard boiled egg, kacang and ikan bilis

Old Town Nasi Rendang Chicken RM9.00 : The fried chicken is replaced by chicken rendang, also take out a hard boiled egg, kacang and ikan bilis.

Old Town homemade Sticky rice RM4.80 : Not the thing you should order.

Kaya butter toast : Healthy cuz the bread is rye and not much butter... but I want fatty version lol

Another lunch, we went to Oriental Pavilion at Section 14, Petaling Jaya for dim sum. I haven been here a couple times for dinner. Food and service are quite nice.

very packed for lunch.

Most of chinese restaurants I go in Malaysia have this thing, quite useful.

Mixed sauce and braised peanut.

The Har Gao, Siew mai, Scallop Siew Mai, Fried prawn fritters in foo chuk, Lor mai kai, Deep-fried bean dumpling, Wu Kok (Deep-fried Yam Croquette) and Stir fried carrot cake.

All was gooddddd !

Char siew : I still dream of this. The meat was nicely caramelised, a little sticky and smoky-sweet with slightly charred bits. The only thing was too little fat lol.

Platter of Roasts: Roasted duck, Tofu and Siew yok.

Roasted duck was juicy but not as good as the one in Crystal Jade, Tofu was the way it should be, sofe and smooth, Siew yok was crispy, fatty and a bit too salty but when eat with tofu, it goes well together
Egg Tarts, a must.

The pastry is gorgeously flaky, and the filling nice and smooth, not too sweet. Melt in your mouth !


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Hehe you make me want to tag along with you to your trips, you always eat such great food! :)

Heidi said...

I dont like white town's coffee! not nice at all! haha.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Lorraine : hehe...thanks I also want to tag along when you go to Food invitation lol

Heidi : how come? ok, food is not so nice but coffee is good and I really like the atmosphere

Heidi said...

Maybe because you like bitter coffee? I tried the branch at petaling jaya, near the universty. Gave me indigestion. bleahh..