Saturday, June 27, 2009


Everytime I go to Pymont market, I always walk pass this interesting cafe. Then when we had an excursion at Star City, I dragged Billy (he stayed in the same building as me) to try this cafe first before 9 am. meeting time.

I think he was too sleepy.

The menu, simple.

I like the decoration style..

Hot mocha for Billy and Skim cap for me. (its too long time till I couldn't remember how it is...haha.. but shouldn't be bad)

Raspberry muffin.

not bad.

Cafe XXII (22)
22 Union St.,
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Tel : (02) 9552 3093

BBQ King

Another meal with Seok, that week (in March) we finished the class in the afternoon. Then when we arrived the city, its time for dinner.. This place is well known for roasted duck... long time wanted to try.

We went there around 5.30 pm. The restaurant was still empty.

After ordered, the big bowl of pork bone soup was served. I love this soup, just remind me when I was young eating this soup made from Grand dad. Oh, there were peanut in it too.


Roasted duck on rice. (can't remember the price but i think its a bit more expensive compare with other restaurants). The duck was good, the skin was crispy, the sauce was not too salty and enhanced the flavour of the dish. Only thing I can blame was its too

Not only one dish of course.

We ordered 2 pieces of peking duck. mm... disappointing for me, the meat was too soft and the sauce was too sweet. But it was first time for Seok (new experience again for him..haha), he really like it.

Ahh.. I hate my hair colour >"<

Oh, we also chosed the Sampan Congee with Beef, Squid, Jelly Fish (hongkong style) not bad but the one at Superbowl is the best.

came with Yu tiao.
Next time if go there, wanna try BBQ pork too :D

BBQ King
18-20 Goulburn St.,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : (02) 9267 2586

Mamak IV

This is the Forth time I was there.. The first, second and third time there all were satified... This time I brought Seok there, he (korean) said he have never tried this kinda food before and he think most of his friends doesn't know this.. haha.. I am so happy open his eyes to the world of food :P

I think I took this picture everytimes I came lol

Seriously studying menu.

Teh ais : Iced milk tea and Teh 'O' ais limau : Iced tea with a splash of lime.

Plain nasik lemak

Maggi goreng, I think this time is not as spicy as first time I had but still good.

Kali Kambing : Lamb curry

The lamb was tender and the curry was nice aroma, tasty yet not too spicy. I found out the curry is not as thick as Thai curry so I asked my m'sian friend, he said its not supposed to be thick.. is it?

Seok was really enjoy this meal.

Roti Bomb : an indulgent roti served thicker, richer and sweeter
Look small? see the next one !




The dough inside was still a bit doughy.. I prefer the thin crispy style.

The meal wasn't cheap.. its about $50 for 2 people but we were so full and filled with happiness.

Mamak Malaysian roti and satay
15 Goulburn st., Sydney
Tel : (02) 9211 1668

Cafe Guilia II

Can't remember when I went to the cafe but just a normal morning that I feel like having a proper breakfast (still not brave enough to order some big egg dish)

Skinny Cap.. nice as always

Breakfast roll with egg, tomato and grilled harumi

Cafe Guilia
92 Abercrombie St.,
Chippendale NSW
Tel: (02) 9698 4424

Black Star Pastry

Since now it is my holiday, I got more time to blog.. You will see lots of coming places that I actually went there quite long time ago....since February ^ ^''. The Black Star Pastry made me very excited when first I knew about it cuz it is not far from my area, New town (but I still have to take bus, last time I walked there, it took about 40 mins). And this wonderful cafe is belong to Chef Christopher The’s

First I see the shop.. Wowwww....It has a simple yet rustic feeling. All those array of pastries are just perfect, the type that I like and want to have in my shop... In another word, it is exactly my dream shop. (ok, I admit I have so many types of shops that I want to have haha)

However, the place is very small, about 2 small tables inside and 2 tables outside.. so I was a bit disappointed when I planned to have coffee & read some books there and then found out the table is not designed for that. I went there twice in that week. (and after that I totally forgot about it cuz the seat is not I think I will go again to try something new)

First time I took away the Ginger Ninjas, Lemon curd shortbread, and Strawberry crumble tart.

Having the lemon curd shortbread from black star pastry with the skinny cappuccino at Campos.. sounds so good, rite?

Second time for breakfast, Leek with goat cheese quiche... Mmmm, not bad but I prefer the one in Bourke Street Bakery.

Coffee was good, also I tried Rose and Lilac Macaron..

It was light and tasty but the short pastry wasn't so crispy.

Deletable !

Also.. the staffs there are very friendly ^ ^

Black Star Pastry
277 Australia St. Newtown 2042.
Tel : (02) 9557 8656

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good bye Bourke Street bakery on Boardway

Some of you may know that Bourke street bakery on Boardway is closed down on this weekend, 27th June. Hiah, it is the best bakery nearest my house. Sometimes if I have no idea about my breakfast, there is the first choice come up in my mind..

Spinach & goat cheese quiche.

Sourdough fruit toast with butter & jam and my skinny cappuccino.

Lemon curd tart

For me, Bourke Street Bakery makes the best short pastry!

The lemon curd is superb ! Anyone have this great recipe?

If I miss thier tarts, I have to go to Surry hills instead... hurr.. Even Central Baking Depot, a cousin store, I found the tarts there are different from here :'(

SWEETNESS The Patisserie

Time is flying.. As I started working as a volunteer for 1 month at SWEETNESS The Patisserie during 19 May - 19 June... now I have been completed.

I first know the shop at The Good Living Growers' Market. The shop gives us many samples of biscuits and loaves to try and they are so nice.. That was my first impression.

After that I have seen lots of information in the foodie blogs, esp from Helen. One day I sent an email to Gena (Owner and chef) that I am her fan and she replied me at that night :D

The next market, I went to talk to her then she told me about her shop just opened in Epping and offered me about get some experience working there. First I went to the shop.. Wow, there is a brand-new big and super clean open kitchen. The small section to show the product was decorated so pretty. I was really happy and excited.

Such a beautiful experience I have learned. Actually most of the things I did there were not the new things, there were things that I have baked at home or did in school before. However, I have learned more in term of business and bulk baking. For example, normally in the recipe always say that you should use egg in the room temperature. Here, we use the egg straight away from the fridge but still no big problem can be found. I asked chef, she said of course using egg in room temperature is much better as it saves time to whisk and maybe you can get more volumn but if we leave the eggs in room temperature for long time, it reduces shelf life.

Moreover, in the real world business, you have to concern about cost and time more than just like baking at home for your family and friends. Somethings I think I can do better but I was a bit nervous, they didn't turn out so well. sorry chef ^ ^''

Truly I wanted to take picture on the last day I worked there which was Friday but that day the shop was very busy preparing goods for the Saturday market.. So I went back on the next tuesday to return the uniforms and it was a great time to take some nice pictures to show you guys.

Strawberry marshmallow biscuit, the new item.. cute, isn't it?

with Camille (my favourite)

with Jodie (anoter my favourite)

with Esther ( I like her, she is a marshmallow expert)

Ciecilia ( not sure how to spell ur name ^ ^''), another student who is the next volunteer. She is nice friend !

English Toffee with Almond, lovely.

The trolley full of nice stuffs.

Let the photos show you how beautiful the shop!


Sincerely thanks, Chef Gena !

Oh, and if you are there and see Pumpkin & Ginger loaf, Cranberry orange muffin, Macademia shortbread and Florentine.. please don't miss it, my favourite !

SWEETNESS The Patisserie
38 Oxford St., Epping, NSW 2121
Tel : (02) 9869 3800