Sunday, November 2, 2008

What a eating day Part II - GFM Food and Wine fair 2008

At 13.00 pm...We were amazing with the tons of people in the whole Hyde Park...Wooo !! couldn't wait!

We bought the coupon which is $3 for 1 coupon...Food here were about 4 coupons for main, 3 coupons for entree and cocktail, 2 coupons for wine & beer and 1 coupon for coffee, water.

Stewed pork belly from La mint. (Franco - Viet Restaurant and Bar)

Salmon dish from Vogue Magazine and the hotdog chilli.

Tea set from The Tea Room, QVB...the right photo is the cherry coffee cake, forgot from where.

Lime tart with fresh passionfruit from Bill Granger.......really wanted to try this one but too full.

Such a cute pink cup cakes from Pink salt. We walked just a bit then decided to buy the food...couldn't stand !

P'Tar brought the cute picnic set for us...


P'Maam's Yum Woon Sen (Spicy Vermicelli salad and BBQ pork). Quite nice.

My Lamb steak from Quay...Cuz it was too busy so I didn't ask them what the full name of this dish is...The lamb itself was quite plain but taste a lot better with the compliments...It was like goat cheese with some grilled mushroom and caramelized onion..Oh, it was also my first time eating Zucchini flower...I like !

P'Tar's Stewed pork belly from La mint....Really really good ! very tender and tasty....I was very surprised that I felt spicy from the gravy....Ah...wanna eat it again ! (I think I ate this dish more than P'Tar did..hehe)

Our desserts...P'Maam and I bought the same thing...Frangipane tart with berries compote and cream chantilly....When we saw people hold these dishes passed by...We were like...''Oohh...where did they get it from?'' And when we bought it...Many people did the same thing to us...haha.

Yummy !

I was quite full at this stage....Anyway, we still walked around, P'Tar got more coupons left..:D

We bought the tea set from The Tea Room...I think it didn't look good but nothing much left at that time. After tasted, umm...taste was also its' apperance.

The big orange macaron...nice !

so much food lovers...I want there are 2 more days for this festival !

Such a great time with 2 sisters....Hope to see you guys soon ka ^ ^

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