Sunday, August 31, 2008


Pum (my neighbour) kindly invited me to join his birthday party at Fujiya. The entrance looks very small but when we went upstair...huge place and very packed !

Ready !

Very colourful menu.

Just one part of the floor.

Nigiri Sushi Delux $23.00 : 11 kind of sushi...very standard sushi. (4 people at the table, how come I got eat only a scallop ^^'')

Takowasabi $5.00 : Baby octopus with wasabi dressing. This is very good for starter...we all like it.

Kushi Nankotsu $3.80 I don't what it is called in English..It is the soft bone in the chicken brest. Never thought that this thing can become 1 dish served in restaurant.

Ebi Chilli $9.80 : Prawns and chili sauce. I like this dish the most...the sauce is a bit sweet, sour and spicy..perfect if eat with rice, pasta and bread.

Sasami Cheese Makiage $7.30 : Deep fried chicken rolls filled with cheese and cod roe. This dish sounds very interesting for me but the real one just a bit disappointing. Nothing speacial.

Fujiya Chahan $12.30 : Fried rice with grilled eel and egg. When it came, looked soooo different from the menu. I don't think there is an egg in the rice...I found it too sweet for my liking but others like it though.

Yaki Soba $9.80 ...I am not a big fan of yaki comment.

Ika no Ichiyabos $5.80 When it arrived..All my friends who ordered this one seems so disappointed..They said it looks much better on the menu.

Caramel custard $ 3.50, Maccha ice cream $3.50, Black sesami ice cream $3.90

I am not impressed by this restaurant but some of my friends like you can try if you want :P

Fujiya Japanese Tavern Restaurant

Level 1, 605-609 George St., Sydney, NSW 2000

Tel : (02) 9283 2268

Olive oil class @ Essential Ingredient

Meng let me know about Olive oil class at Essential Ingredient, Crows nest. It is a Olive oil appreciation class. So we went there on Saturday. There were around 8-9 attendants.

Staff were preparing the table for us.

Lots of beautiful olive oil.


First, there were 5 small cups in front of us.

Green apple andd water cracker to clean our palette.

Main thing they taught us today was how to classify the olive oil. There are 3 basic styles of olive oil that are determined by the intensity level of the positive attributes of the oil. There are mild, medium and robust.

We can describe the taste of Olive oil by Flavour (Tomato leaf, green apple, green tea, herbal, passion fruit, lemon, almond, etc.), Bitterness (bitter, sweet), Pungency (peppery, chilli, tight, throat catching)

You can see, one is a bit cloudy, one is clearer..

Before we taste, we need to warm the oil in our palm to make it release its aroma.

In a minute, 5 cups full of diffirent olive oils.

At the end, we tasted about 13 olive oils...such an interesting experience !

Essential Ingredient

477 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest,

NSW 2065, Australia

Tel (02) 9439 9881

Three Beans

There is a new cafe at Broadway shopping let's try !

The decoration is clean and bright, make me feel cozy and healthy haha (they aim at organic stuff)

Table No.23

Coffee beans from Toby's estate. The smoothness of milk froth is good.

My friend saw this sweet thing picute and he said it looks like poo..haha

White chocolate and raspberry cupcake...extremely sweet ><

That Friday night, I had Takoyaki at Asian festival, China town again...Delicious !!!

Single Origin Roasters

Thursday I tried to go in some new places (not only along George st.) so I went to Single Origin, thebest coffee in Sydney voted by Timeout magazine, in Surry Hills.

Truly I wanna go there for long time but still lazy...after I bought the Timeout magazine so ok...let's go !

Walking along Reservoir St., I easily knew where the cafe you can see in the picture...

Must be this one !

Very busy barista, cool waitresses.

Table service.

Seats available outside.

Oh my god ! my skimmed Cappucino came !

Soooooooo beautiful ! When can I make this?

They focus on latte art, not on the milk froth like some cafes do...No one this customer can enjoy the appearance first , then enjoy the strength of coffee...some make a very smooth milk froth like muffin for cappuccino for us to appreciate the creaminess. I love both ^ ^

My toasted organice rye sourdough $ 5.00 with pineapple was HUGE ! (but I finished it ..hahaha..)

My eyes were attracted with the table next to me..Ham & cheese Toastie.. looks so nice but too big for today time !

Single Origin Roasters (shop)

60-64 Reservoir St.,Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Tel : (02) 9693 2242

IP Lesson 15 : Danish Pastries, Donuts

A doughnut, or donut, is a sweet, deep-fried piece of dough or batter. The two most common types are the torus-shaped ring doughnut and the filled doughnut, a flattened sphere injected with jam, jelly, cream, custard, or another sweet filling. A small spherical piece of dough, originally made from the middle of a ring doughnut, may be cooked as a doughnut hole. Today chef demonstrated only filled Jam (and we are not allow to make).

Gently deep fried...

Coated in cinnamon sugar, filled with pastry cream and dust with icing sugar.

Doughnut is good to eat when it is fresh and warm.

Danish pastries, usually referred to as a Danish, is a sweet pastry which has become a speciality of Denmark and is popular throughout the industrialized world, although the form these pastries take is significantly different from country to country.

The ingredients of a Danish include flour, yeast, milk, eggs, and generous amounts of butter. A yeast dough is rolled out thinly, coated with butter, and then folded into numerous layers. If necessary, the dough is chilled to ease handling. The rolling, buttering, folding, and chilling is repeated several times to create a dough which is buttery and flaky. from wikipedia

It is similare to a puff pastry, but with a yeast dough as the base. Chef taught that the dough should be given only 3 single turns, with a 15-20 minute resting period in-between turns (in fridge) and before its final use.

Demonstrated by Chef Andre.

Top from left: Strawberry Vol au vants, Creamcheese bear claws, Cherry swirls.
Bottom from left: Hazelnut twist, Apricot pinwheels, Apple turnovers.

My Cherry Vol au vents.

Quite ok, rite?

Presented for chef Andre...again, minus score because of unclean plate ^ ^''

PS. I gave some of my danish to Chef Michael, he said it looks good but if I give it a bit more time to prove, it will be much better.

IP Lesson 14 : Apple Strudel

I thought that apple strudel originate from Germany because I always see it in the dessert menu in German restaurant but infact it was originally from Hungary.

Strudel is a soft, smooth, elastic dough that is stretched until paper thin. Sufficient resting time is required to relax the gluten.

Chef Karin showed us how to stretch the amazing !

filled with apple, raisin, brown sugar, walnut and cinnamon.

Tasting time !

Dough itself doesn't contain any fat at all but when making apple strudel we brush lots of butter to make it moisture...that's why when we eat it..a bit oily.

Haih...I didn't roll in tight enough...became so ugly and the pastry was very soft not crispy T_T (anyway, my housemates took it to school and thier friends love it :D)