Friday, April 30, 2010

Taste Baguette

One day we finished working quite early, about 1.30 pm. Joyce and I went for late lunch at Taste Baguette in Myer. (Joyce is my new friend at Bacco... so happy to have her there, very helpful and nice mature girl)

There are a number of pastries there, tried only banana cake which was quite nice.

Joyce (or Juju called by Brandan and Danny :P)

We shared a Vietnamese Style Lemongrass Chicken:
Grilled Chicken marinated in lemongrass served with coral lettuce, tomato and rocket on wholemeal baguette.

I like the baguette, the chicken was a tad dry but nice flavour.

I like this lovely picture of her :D

Taste Baguette
the corner of George & Market Sts,
at the entrance of the City Myer Store

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Four Ate Five

Today I got special guest, Joe from Melbourne, joined my food journey. We went to Four Ate Five, the new cafe in Surry Hills, just not so far from Bourke street bakery.

I was so happy when see the shop, seems to be funky, trendy and fun.

My skim cappuccino $3.50, so impressed with the latte art. Moreover, taste was bold, nicely strong but not too bitter. The beans are from Single Origin Roaster, funny enough, I prefer coffee here to the original place.

Joe had Soy Chai latte $5.00

Baked Eggs : Moroccan baked eggs with almond flake servied with grilled sourdough $16

I tried a bit, the eggs were very creamy and got the cruncky texture of almond flake, lots of spices. Nice dish !

Frech Toast : stuffed with banana served with maple syrup, mascapone and rhubarb $12.00

My choice, its really good. Normally I find banana in Australia is not sweet and floury but this one was quite ok. I love the rhubarb too.

Since I really like the cafe, I came here alone again on the following Saturday.

Home made cream corn : topped with 2 poached eggs & crispy bacon served with organic sourdough bread $15.00

Massive dish, I was a bit disappointed since the cream corn was too oily, I can see the pool of butter on the plate, its nice flavour though. The crispy bacon was too crispy for my liking..haha. I ate only half plate but almost finish eggs and sourdough.

The barista is a big guy, he was wearing the bunny ears when we first arrived there but when i took the photo, he already took it off. He made such a stunning coffee.

You also can find the Adriano pasties here.

I will come again to try more coffee and their pulled pork sandwich :D

Four Ate Five
485 Crown St., Surry Hills, 2010
Tel : (02) 9698 6485

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black Star Pastry + Campos

Another day I went to my favourite cafe, Black Star Pastry. I don't really come here often since the place is so small, always packed and don't have seats... but today I think its time to try their Lamb shank pie.

Arrived there around 10.30 am.

Lucky enough to get the seats.. Nut joined me and we both had the same pie.

Excited to try now !

The lamb was tender, first bite we were thinking that it could have been seasoned more.. but the more we ate, the more flavour came out. I am normally not a fan of lamb shank (prefer cutlets and loin) but this one satisfied me. Only one think I want it to be hotter (cuz i like piping hot filling..haha).

We had only pie and kept our caffeine consumption for Campos

again, I love Campos interior and atmosphere.

The best affogato $5.00

Nut's Latte, she loves it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ryo's Noodle

One fine Saturday, I was so craving for Ramen... mmm.. Ok, lets go to Ryo's. I took the train to St. leonard and walked there (cuz i thought its the nearest train station to the shop and didn't bother about checking the bus route) and I was wrong ! I walked so far away to the shop.. about 30 mins (fast walking) and on the way I was walking, I saw the Metro Bus 30 passed by -_-''.

Arrived there almost 1.30 pm. Not so busy.

I chosed the number 1

Soy sauce flavour/roasted pork, egg, nori, shallot $11.50

The soup was rich and flavoursome, one of the best I had so far ( I've never had one in Japan yet). I think its great as the one in Menya.

Of course, I couldn't finish the noodle, too much for me... sorry ><

If I come again, next time I wanna try their curry rice. But if I wanna eat the ramen, I think I just go to Menya in China town since it is more convenient for me. Oh, by the way, even I bought the train return ticket, I took the 30 bus back to the city..haha... give up to walk back to Train station.

Ryo's Noodle
25 Falcon St., Crows Nest NSW 2065
Tel : (02) 9955 0225