Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Today was so hot that I thought I would burn out! I had my homemade lunch (Salmon & cheese sandwich) with Ayako. Hers was Japanese rice which was her dinner yesterday... anyway her mom host is very good at cooking coz it looks like the real japanese.

After finished the boring class, Ned came to see me at school. About 14.40 pm. Ned took Ayako and I went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar which is located on the 2nd first of QV square at Lonsdale St.

The cafe is really nice...When I first sitting there...Woww !! I gonna love here..At the counter, there are some waffles, croissants, big cookies and some chocolate souffles....

Here is very famous for Chocolate Fondue, Suckao - the hot chocolate served like a play-set , Waffles and Chocolate Souffle..Let's see what we had today...

We got number 9 table..hehe..

Ned had hot Cappuccino which looks so good...but i couldn't had coz already had coffee in the bad..but gonna try it soon...

Ayako and I had Dark hot chocolate served in a Hug Mug..The name probably came about from the way the cup is designed, allowing you to 'hug' your palms around it while you sip.. Even it is dark chocolate..still a bit too sweet for me...

Our today special was the waffle with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce...very good time gonna try with strawberries..

Ned was look so excited to have it...haha...

My first best friend in Melbourne...miss u ..Ayako !

Pretty, rite?

In the shop, got so many cute things...cups, chocolates for souvenirs...

I want's called Alice cup..but too expensive..hahaha...

Next time I will try Suckao, Chocolate Souffle and Hot cappuccino !!
Max brenner
QV Square, 210 Lonsdale St.
Melbourne VIC 3000

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

My first class and Cindy's Bak-kut-teh

My 2nd dish ^ ^

I woke up 7.oo am this morning, such a good time coz I can get enough sleep. Do you guys want to know about the first day of my class? My class is English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

We have 11 students in the class (in face, there are more students but just absent today). There are 8 guys (yeahhh….8 guys) from “India”, 1 girl from China, 1 (not) girl from Srilanka and one pretty girl from Thailand ^ ^

And tomorrow, there is the social program arrangged by Holmes to take students to the Queen Victoria Night Market. That is very interesting ^ ^. Of couse, Pong, Phil (Swiss friend), Ayako and I will join this program.

Cindy's Bak-kut-teh in a pot...

Let's come back to our house, this midnight Cindy gonna go back to Penang, Malasia for a I gonna miss her :'( Anyway, I still have Lishan and Dennis with me...

Stir-fried vegetables...

Cindy cooked Bak-kut-teh (the Malasian style soup) for our dinner. She definitely can be a good chef, I think. All 3 meals that she cooked for me were definitely nice. The spices were not very strong, the taste was not too salty and the pork was just tender. She put lots of dried garlic in it…(I think that made it taste good like this).
Cindy's Bak kut teh is usually eaten together with fried vegetables which is Lishan's favourite. Also all 3 meals the food was so good that 1 plate is not enough for me^ ^”.

The Elephant & Wheelbarrow

Wow....Today is my first that I have my own blog. I first creat this blog at the Resources Center in my English school - Holmes Colleges... Very exciting ah?

Today is also my first day to school. Lishan take me to school at 8.10 am. by tram no. 96 and found that the school orientation will begin at 9.00 am. I have to wait for a little while.

In the orientation, there are many students come from South Korea, Switzerland, and India. Almost Koreans are highschool students and the most students in General English are Swiss. I have one of Swiss friends - Sarah, 37 years old - is very nice. She sat near me so we had a short conversation; actually she is the first that I talked with in the school.

In the mean time, I meet a girl from Japan - Ayako, she said she is the only Japanese in this school ....I know...unbelieveable ,right? Ayako is a cute japanese girl (of course, like other japanese girls). She lives with the host family that hosts 4 students (most are chinese) in their house.

It sounds strange if there aren't any Thai, doesn't it? But I met 2 Thai guys - Pong and Toey - both are 22 years old (-_-" you know what I think, right?)

By the way, I learnt from the orientation that if you have a student visa you are required by immigration to complete 5 hours each week of Self-study activities. So I have to check it up what I have to do.

Actually there is no class today, we just come and take a placement test to see what is our level, what class are suitable for us. That includes papertest and such a quick interview test.

A Big Chicken Club Sandwich (I made it a little messy...)

Ayako and I (trying to finish a sandwich -_-")

After finished the interview, we (all the new students) went to have lunch at The Elephant & Wheelbarrow ( A Traditional British Pub) near the school. Ayako and I share a big Club sandwich - Chicken, bacon and lettuces on the toast (AUD 15,60). A chicken is a bit dry, same as toast. Everyone drink beers but I ( a good girl, right ^ ^) ... Maybe it looks very weird, so one swiss guy buy one for me :P I have to drink it, haven't I? 555. Anyway I had only "3" sips otherwise I can't go home.

A guy who bought me a beer ^ ^

My dinner today is sponsored by Cindy ^^. She cooks a chicken corn soup. Cindy said it is a half Asian-style and half Western-style soup (actually I think it is Cindy's style 55). She put chicken, imitated crap and canned corn in the pot. After it boiled, just beat eggs and poured in the pot. It looks like a soup in the Chinese restaurant and the taste is good as well.

The Elephant & Wheelbarrow

94-96 Bourke Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


Tel: (03) 9639 8444