Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elixir Espresso

Finally, I got a chance to come here again, Elixir Espresso ! Last year in July, Deryk and I came to visit Sydney for 3 days...It was rainning in the morning so we got no choice...Just have to find a place for breakfast..then we walked pass by the Strand arcade...and saw this cafe..looks quite nice, let's try...and we found out that we made the right decision! ...so nice coffee and breakfast...

Same place but different time..I just was sitting alone this time...but feel not so lonely cuz many people was sitting around me..quite fun looking what they ordered, what they eat :P

Oh..my goodness, this time it got the campos sign on a cup of coffee and the door showing that they served Campos coffee...wow wow...I heard from my friend that Campos coffee is one of the best coffee in Sydney but the cafe is in Newtown where I still don't know how to go...

My skinny cappuccino (AUD 3.30 take away)...so beautiful, rite? The taste was superb... The aroma of coffee, the smoothness of the milk froth, the strenght of caffeine ...ahhh...I felt so good ! Mocha here also the best (but quite expensive among other cafe..AUD 4.5 take away) This cafe has 10% service charge..

You can see I put the sugar sachet next to the coffee...made it looks perfect ? haha....

Still hungry...so I ordered Toasted Turkishbread with peanut butter....looks so flat but the taste...perfect I'm telling you....so crispy outside, chewy inside and a bit of salty...just my liking... (but for the condiment, I think it would better to be butter and jam...ok, next time!)

The cappuccino I had last year...I think last time they haven't served the campos coffee yet...but still good anyway..

Yesterday night, I was reading some coffee lovers talking about good cafe in CBD...and many people recommend that Elixir Espresso serves the best coffee in Strand Arcade...Lucky me :D

Shop G11, The Strand Arcade,

412-414 George Street,Sydney,

NSW, 2000, Australia

Tel: (02) 9233 1005


Hungry Hamster said...

the coffee is soooo pretty!!! I'm sooo jealous!! You are having soo much good food there!!

Jutapha said...

i visited Elixir just because of your photo of nice coffee. The coffee here is sooooo nice; so beautiful and taste good ka. In additional, food here is good too.