Thursday, April 24, 2008

The LCB orientation day !

Sorry for the so-blur picture...this picture has taken from the Le Cordon Bleu Orientation & Enrolmenton on 23rd Apr, 2008 (yesterday)...I was so excited waiting for this day...As you know, I came here, Sydney, since 14th of Apr and I still have not many friends...Then I hope to meet more friends in the orientation day.

The orientation time was 9 am in Level 1, H Block..Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE Ryde Campus.. But I arrived there about 7.45 am..hahaha....You may think I was too excited ? Yes yes..since I had to take the 501 bus from the george st. to the school and it takes about 50 minutes..

And it was raining...haih.....raining everyday in Sydney ! I was in Level 1 and saw just 2 guys came before me...then only 3 of us sitting on the sofa waiting for the time...One guy, I don't know where he is from, he told us that he finished Cert 1 of Patisserie in London, finished Cert 2 in Paris and then now he will do Cert 3 in Sydney...Wowww...I was so jealous....

9.00 am - Registration
9.30 am - Auditorium, Level 5, Building A

In the Auditorium, we was given some information for the new students, about the school, regurations, immigration things, visa etc...Oh..This time I had new friends : Meng from Malaysia who will study Patisserie same as me (he has been here for 4-5 years already), and another guy, sorry I forgot his name, from Phillipines who will study Cuisine...

After that, about 10.30 am, we got a tea-time break for 25 mins..sorry that i have no photos for you. I always think about taking photos of the event or the food..but still too shy to do :P

The Le Cordon Bleu catered us with the cute mini double chocolate chip muffin, blueberry muffin and plain croissant. I think the chocolate one was good and the blueberry is just fine...and the croissant is good too...And for sure, I had a cup of black coffee.. lol

10.55 am. we came back again in the auditorium. They were continue giving us some information about finance..oh you know what, LCB tuition fees will increase from July 2008:( For the continuing students (current LCB students), if we wanna pay the old fee rate, we have to pay our full invoice before May 15th 2008.

As the picture you see above, the chefs was introducing us about some class regulations...They talked nicely and funny..I hope that in the kitchen, they gonna be like this kind ^o^

12.30 pm...yeah yeah...Lunch time !!!!!!!! We went down for level 4 ..They had many different kinds of sandwiches on the long table. White and whole meal bread. For the filling, as I can remember, they had turkey & cranberry jam- i like this, ham & cheese, veggies, salami & cheese.. Sincerely, I prefer the one that William Angliss Institute of TAFE, Melbourne, had served in the coffee class I took ;P

This lunch time, I met more friends : Alex from Brunei, 3 Thais - Um, Pin and Man...So happy ^ ^

Everything seems to be fun for me in this school :D

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