Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let's do Lunch : Bistro CBD

Actually I already thought that I wouldn't have chance to try the "Let's do lunch" this year again since I am working on weekdays.. but today I was so happy when chef said "ok, JJ (they call me JJ) you are done for today" and at that time was around 11.55 am...

Umm.. I was thinking I should go for let's do lunch or not .. finally I called June asking her about joining me and she said yes... I personally want to go to Aria since the menu sounds so good but June doesn't like fish. So we wanted to go to Quay but we couldn't find the Quay contact number (already searched through our mobile but we were very excited about searching..haha). We ended up at the Bistro CBD since there is the nearest place from our meeting point.

I was quite surprised that there are 3 choices on the menu to choose. The great deal lunch, $35 includes your choice of main course and a glass of selected wine and coffee.

Luckily, I borrowed June's DSLR (just for the beginner one, Canon 1000D), so happy the pictures look better :D (however,
it was my first time using it, I had a bit of problem about focusing :P)

Among people in nice outfits, I was the only one with a messy hair in the T-shirt and shorts (cuz I just dress like that when go for working ^ ^''). I was very impressed that I still were treated so great.

My sourdough.

I went for Sauvignon blanc as I really like it since last time at Teppanyaki.

When I was taking pictures, the manager, Howard, brought the bottles of wine for us to take photo.. How sweet he is !

June with her Shiras.

First : Potato Gnocchi with cavolo nero, seasonal vegetables, chevre and mint

When the dish arrived our table.. I was surprised again. Because of my little knowledge, I saw "nero" on the menu then I assumed that it will be the Gnocchi with the black squid ink but it wasn't.. haha. I just searched on google. "Cavolo nero" mean a dark green leaf Italian cabbage.. lol

But the dish was not disappointing, it was such a clean dish. The Gnocchi was very light and the sauce was delicious.

Second : Grilled lamb rack with eggplant provencal, broccolini, white bean aioli and thyme jus .

June just told me after the dish came that she doesn't like eating uncooked food -_-''. Only if I knew it first, I would have ordered the medium well instead.

Beautiful pink !

The lamb was cooked perfectly, just like it should be but I have eaten the better one.

Having said that, the components of the dish are all great. The eggplant was nice, soft and tasty. the broccolini was crunchy. When we were eating the dish, we really like the white sauce but can't remember what it is from the menu. Now I just know it is white bean aioli... mmmm.. interesting, now I wanna taste it again :P

Happy face.

Coffee and petit fours. The coffee was alright for me, but it was the let down for June (coffee expert).

The petit fours : Almond cake with rhubarb & raspberry jelly was unexpectedly wonderful. The cake was so moist, the sweet and sour from rhubarb and jelly was just perfect. I want the recipe, please !! lol

When we were about to finish a meal, Howard asked us whether we are the blogger and of course I said "Yes'' Then he was kindly gave me the menu (but I just notice that he gave me the wrong one, its the dessert menu, oh well. haha... and he gave the restaurant email for me to send the my blog link to him :)

The food and service is great as 1 hatted restaurant. I am happy that we made the right decision give it a try.

Bistro CBD
level 1, 52 King st., Sydney 2000
Tel : (02) 8297 7010


Simon Food Favourites said...

great to see what they are offering. looks like good value. :-)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ahh greta stuff! They must be seeing the potential of bloggers which is only a good thing :)

Heidi said...

I miss eating with you. I really do. how are you doing now??

Betty said...

oh how did you find the SLR - tell me you want your own now? :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : waiting to see ur post about lets do lunck :D

Lorraine : haha..i think so..i think he must know the food blogger from u guys :)

Heidi : I always miss u.. will u come back next year?

Betty : the camera is belonged to June, the one who dined with me .. yeah.. now I really want 1 ><

Heidi said...

yes I'll be back next year. haha. see you!