Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oscillate Wildly

I made the booking at Oscillate Wildly about 2 months in advance after reading Foraging Otaku . The degustation menu, 9 courses for $95 is very interesting... and finally it's the time !

6.30 pm. was our booking time.. We were the second table in the restaurant.

Ping & P'Ta

Ja & Ping

Warm sour dough.. We were really enjoy eating this... At the end of the meal, I felt like eating it again.. haha

We brought our own white wine. Only $8 per bottle for BYO. very reasonable.


It is very small restaurant about 8 tables. That is why they said it might take about 1 month in advance for weekend booking :D

Cheers !

1. South Australian King Prawn with Tofu cooked 2 ways (Silken & Fried) and Eggplant 2 ways (pureed & deep fried)

One of my favourite dish. The hi light for me was the tofu & eggplant. The eggplant puree was creamy eating with the silken tofu.. so smooth and melt in my month. We all thought that the deep fried eggplant looks like deep fried banana in Thailand. lol

2. Scallops, Picada, Foie gras mousse

The scallops were a bit overcooked, the foie gras mousse was very subtle in flavour... The garlic flavoured bread crumbs & hazelnut on the side was interesting. Overall, this dish was a little too dry for my liking.

3. Bantan egg (Sous-vide method), Ortiz anchovies, Rye

The egg from the small chicken was cooked in 62 degree celcius for long time using the sous-vide vacuum cooking method. This method is about meat, seafood, poultry and more is placed in a vacuum-sealed bag and left to cook in a low-temperature water bath. The result, especially for meat, is incredibly soft, buttery and pink flesh.

The crispy rye and parsley powder on top were so interesting. The super rich egg yolk and perfect texture egg white (I love this texture) mixed all with the noodle and salty anchovies (in a good way)... perfect !! (I just found the noodle was a bit strange).

4. Mulloway (Jewfish), Black sesame pearl, speck, fennel foam & braised fennel

The fish was cooked perfectly. The fennel underneath was delicate and went well together with fish and speck. The black sesame pearl... taste so black sesame ! hahaha

The next course.

5. Chicken, celeriac, puffed grains

My first thought, chicken sounds so normal but then it was tasty. It smelt Asian for me... like soya sauce or that kinds. The chicken (sous-vide method) was beautifully pink and juicy. We also like the crisp skin with a sprinkle of sea salt. The puffed grains consists of buckwheat and quinoa giving the dish very fun crisp texture.

6. Pork, Katoffel knodel (have no idea what it mean), Kale

which was Pork belly with Cabbage cooked 4 ways : Red cabbage Jelly, Sauteed Canovo nero, Cabbage puree, Dehydrate Kale. This dish was also my favourite ! From starter which was very light until this hearty and rich dish, the flavour was very strong. The pork belly was as great as it should be. I like all condiments except the red cabbage jelly.. too weird.

7. Sichuan Marshmallow, Mandarin sorbet, Meringue, Straweberry, Raspberry powder and Lychee foam

I am not a fan of marshmallow but this one was not bad. Mandarin was a bit too bitter for me. I like the Lychee foam the most.

8. Pear, Celery sorbet, chocolate crisp, Chantilly chocolate and Basil seeds

The waitress warned us the the chantilly chocolate was very rich. And yes, it gave us a kick of bitterness and rich of chocolate. I have no idea why they called it Chantilly chocolate but it was another very interesting thing. I don't mind celery sorbet, it did clean my palette, however, it was not my dish.

Ping said that the Basil seeds doesn't make any flavour to the dish, maybe chef just put it for giving the fun texture. I do agree.

Petit four : Chocolate lollipop, Nougat and Blood orange jelly

The chocolate lollipop was disappointed and I prefer the Blood orange jelly at SWEETNESS the patisserie to this one. But the nougat was delicious.

Ping's green tea with cute sugar cubes.

Flate white & Macchiato

The coffee were great.

very full by now (not drunk..hoho)

For my experience dining here, I do think it did worth money for the great creations ... Every savoury dishes pleased me just that their desserts were not my cup of tea.

Oscillate Wildly
275 Australia Street, Newtown
Tel : (02) 9517-4700


Howard said...

This is one of the best value degust in Syd by far. In fact, I've had a few which are in the $150 region and walked away dissapointed!

Trisha said...

I agree with Howard... $95 for degustation menu is pretty good value!!! And it all looks so good....

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Looks fabulous! I've always wanted to go here and good to know that it delivers! :D

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I meant delivers in taste not home delivery :P

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I meant delivers in taste not home delivery :P