Sunday, November 8, 2009


The night we had been waiting for, we, P'Ta, Ping, Betty and I went to Marque restaurant in Surry Hills because of the reputation of the head chef Mark Best, SMH Chef of the year 2010 . The degustation was not cheap - $145 per head, with matching wines a further $75 per head

6.30 pm. on Saturday 7 November 2009 was our booking time.

We were served with the opt between white sourdough bread & rye with caraway.. I went for both :P and a glass of white wine each. My wine was sauvingon blanc from France $22 (the most expensive glass-white wine on the list and the taste was not so different from others T_T)

The famous Chaud-Froid Free Range Egg served with salted grissini

I have no idea about the ingredients but it was sweet, salty, hot and cold all at once. I did enjoy eating it however I don't really know wheater I like or dislike it... Interesting !

Almond Jelly with Blue Swimmer Crab, Almond Gazpacho, Sweet Corn & Avruga

At first I didn't know it was sweet corn inside, I thought it was the egg yolk but taste was not ! I cound't remember about the almond jelly but I don't really like this dish since the crab was a bit too fishy for my liking. (but Ping loves it)

Cured Kingfish with Celery, Vanilla, Lime & Green Tea
The Kingfish was fresh as it should be, again we had the celery sorbet and it was very refreshing. The white thing is lime meringue which I like.

Steamed Scampi with "Fish Floss", Scampi Anglaise, Campari & Turnip
The scampi was lovely texture, very fresh, well accompany with the earthy thin slices of mushroom. The tiny cubes of turnip soaked in bitter bitter Campari was quite strong. (too bitter for me)

New Season White Asparagus, Duck Ham, Duxelle, Parmesan and Potato

Can you see how pretty the dish was? The asparagus was soooooo flavourful. and duck ham gave the saltiness to the dish. I like the very crisp thin purple potato.

Slow Cooked Pork Jowl with Spinach & Pacific Oyster (and Oyster emulsion)

My first bite, OMG, ''Its too small'' said by me. The pork jowl was very tender and had the beautiful amount of fat. When almost finished it, I understood why Chef Mark Best gave us this small piece... It was almost too fatty for me. I also like the spinach and oyster.

Wagyu Sirloin with Black Olive, Earl Grey Ash, Burnt Cucumber and Onion

The beef was nice and tender but nothing spectacular... The best beef I had so far in Sydney were at Tetsuya's and Teppanyaki. The black olive puree didn't interest me as well as the earl gray ash. However, the cucumber was another hilight of the dish.

Ping & Ja

Ta & Betty

Sauternes Custard

The silky caramalized custard was simple and perfect. Ta & Ping love it and want more. On the otherhand, I can't take anymore than this, very sweet.

Goats Cheese, White Chocolate, Sorrel & Lemon Sorbet
(sorry about the quality of the lighting)

The lemon sorbet was super delicious and very very sour. My eyes closed every bites I took.... eating with the white chocolate bits which was swet is perfection. I had never thought about white chocolate and lemon before....I love it ! The Goats cheese ball seemed to be the least favourite of our tables but I don't mind it at all.

Petit four : Salted Caramel Chocolates & Bitter Bon Bons

The salted caramel chocolate was nice but the bon bons made us so disappointed... just not our taste at all.

For me, it was another nice meal but not yet satisfied.

Marque Restaurant
4/5 355 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW
Tel: (02) 9332 2225