Sunday, September 6, 2009

Clipper Cafe

Recently Clipper cafe is another hits among coffee lovers. Situated in my area, the cafe was catched my eyes since it was opened but at that time no one reviewed about it yet and I am not adventurous... afraid to try.

After saw the beautiful review about clipper, I of course couldn't miss out. This post combines 3 of my visits.

Such a lovely, charming white-ish place decorated with green and wooden table... you definitly see the bicycle hanging on the wall in every reviews.. hehe

My first time was alone, sipping the cup of cappuccino and strawberry mascapone muffin at the window table.

The muffin was fluffy and moist by mascarpone chees. The coffee, on the otherhand, was a bit disappointing as it was spilled out when being served.

However, since there are so much great things about Clipper, I gave it another chance, took my friend there again.
The cafe is always busy everytimes I go there.

My skinny cappuccino. Even this time it looks so normal but it tasted great and was better than last time. (My friend said maybe it is my bias since last time I was alone and this time I got her to be my company...hahaha)

Baked Eggs with Napoli, Fetta, Spinach and Lamb sausage $10
I really like it, the napoli sauce was tangy, the fetta was creamy, the spinach gave it a texture and the lamb sausage had a saltiness and meaty flavour, all made this dish completed. Oh, and the garlic bread was so good :D

See how big of the dish compared with my face.. we shared it.

Then we chose 2 more desserts. Friand was okey for me but the portuguese tart was disappointed.

Third time.... we were there after had breakfast at Toby's estate, Chippendale, still full so we didn't order much.

Our coffee

We tried Baked eggs with Mushrooms, Fetta and Spinach. (just like last dish but got mushrooms instead of sausage). I prefer the lamb sausage one, just because I felt the taste was too healthy for me.

Ummmmmmm... I will come back for other menu :)

Clipper Cafe
16 Glebe Point Rd., Glebe NSW 2037
Tel : (04) 1180 0063

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

yum, strawberry mascarpone muffins sound amazing. why didn't i think of that! and thank goodness for the size comparison shot of the baked egg - would not have realised it was so big otherwise. bigger than you head indeed!