Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black Star Pastry + Campos

Another day I went to my favourite cafe, Black Star Pastry. I don't really come here often since the place is so small, always packed and don't have seats... but today I think its time to try their Lamb shank pie.

Arrived there around 10.30 am.

Lucky enough to get the seats.. Nut joined me and we both had the same pie.

Excited to try now !

The lamb was tender, first bite we were thinking that it could have been seasoned more.. but the more we ate, the more flavour came out. I am normally not a fan of lamb shank (prefer cutlets and loin) but this one satisfied me. Only one think I want it to be hotter (cuz i like piping hot filling..haha).

We had only pie and kept our caffeine consumption for Campos

again, I love Campos interior and atmosphere.

The best affogato $5.00

Nut's Latte, she loves it.

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