Friday, October 22, 2010

Water Library

First time I got chance to meet the famous L-Nets from Pantip, excited :D

L-Nets came here before but he was kindly enough to dine here again with me. They got 2 choices of lunch set: 2 courses for ฿850++ & 3 courses for ฿890++

Of course we chose the later one.

This restaurant serves Minaral water from around the world, I just chose one of the cheapest :P

Roll & Imported Croissant, quit okey.

Homemade Tofu - Foie gras, Shitake emulsion, Benito flakes

Signature dish, and I like it ! The tofu was silky smooth, the texture is similar to egg tofu. The sauce was rich, the flavour was so intense almost too salty but eating it with the tofu was just perfect.

Frog legs tempura - Celeriac Remoulade, Garlic Herbs butter with Sanako pepper

This dish has not much thing to rave about, the sauce was a bit weird pared with the remoulade.

Crispy Chilean Seabass - Mushroom Bacon Ragout, Ponsu White Truffle Oil Butter

Another signature dish. It was my first time to have Chilean Seabass, the flesh was buttery almost like Cod. For me, the mushroom ragout was the real winner ! Oh my, its so good. Similar taste profile as the sauce in the tofu dish. It was one of the best mushroom I had. The day later, I felt like eating the mushroom again, it was that good!

Sous Vide of Chicken Supreme - Caramel Corn, Roasted Chicken Jus with Pommery Mustard

This dish was again too ordinary which I was not surprised. I didn't expect anything from the name. Don't get me wrong, it was not that bad, just .... the chicken itself was breast which getting dry easily even being cooked with sous vide method. and the sauce, I dunno, for me it was too much.

Yuzu Panna Cotta with Mint sorbet and Orange Compote

I really like the presentation of the dish. It was clean and simple. However, sadly to say, it was the strangest (trying to use the nice word) panna cotta I have ever had. The texture was so weird. For the sorbet, I am not a fan of Mint in dessert, so I have no comment.

Valrhona 72% Chocolate cake with poached banana ice cream

At least, it was better than the former dish.

Cappuccino & Iced lemon tea

Another great place, even I think this place is hit and miss. For dinner, they serve the tasting menu which I would love to try one day if I got enough money :D

Water Library

Chamchuri sqare, Unit 217, 2nd Floor
Payathai Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Tel: 66-2160-5188-9, 66-2160-5199

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