Monday, November 29, 2010


One fine day, N'Dream & I felt like eating some sweets, lucky enough P'Koy was able to join us. At first we planed to go Jim Thomson. Hopelessly finding the parking, we quickly changed our mind came to this place because of the big car park lol

Night time it is a fine Italian restaurant but at day time it is the bakery, nice huh?

Aren't this tray of macarons pretty?

Interior is just sweet and cute !

Here come the cakes .....

Banoffie cake

Simple chocolate chiffon, banana cream, chunk of banana and drizzle of caramel...not bad.

Lychee & rose cake (forgot the name)

I quite like this one, a lil tangy, just that the red colour is too artificial?

Horlicks cake

I had never had the Horlicks before, however, I didn't taste any Horlicks in the cake.

Chocolate & Rose macarons, still not like the one I am looking for but it is good enough to sell.

Hot tea for P'Koy

Cappu for me, a bit above average (Thailand standard)

and yeah, the meal was on P'Koy. Thanks ka (-/\-)

126 Soi Saladang 1. Silom Rd.,
Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Ahh I love Horlicks! Such a delicious malty drink for winter. The desserts look amazing!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Helen : I love Horlicks too, the cakes tasted just ok though :)

Anonymous said...

i've been seen that tray in my hometown, they also use that tray to serve cuties macaroon. it's nice to see your post, btw im new reader. hi hi wht shld i call u? u look like indonesian, aren't u? last time u studied at LCB no? cos one of my friend she graduated from thr too. keep a good post!

thang @ noodlies said...

wow, what a wonderful place, was in this area in Dec but didn't see it. Will definitely keep an eye out next time we're in BKK!

cham said...

hi,my name is cham! nice to meet you!!i m a le cordo bleu student now! i m really interested in baking too!
do u know where is the bacco pastry kitchen is? thanks a lot!!!!