Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yellow Bistro

Sorry for lacking of blogging.. just so tired lately from working.. Last month I went to this place "Yellow bistro'' top 5 of patisseries voted by Time Out Sydney Magazine .

Just ''a must shoot'' shot..haha

Skinny Cappuccino and hot chocolate.. My coffee was great. ( I personally like this shape of cup)

My date ^ ^

Croque Madame : pan fried batard, ham, egg, Heidi gruyere, rocket and chilli jam $18.50

We asked the waitstaff for the recommended dish.. ''Croque Madame'' said she. It was sooo good... Taste was a lot better than the picture. Their croque madame is different from others, with the egg hidden inside the bread.

The batard was lightly buttered and pan fried perfectly. About the filling was so tasty, creamy and cheesy (not too much). The saltyness of the ham when mix with the gooey yolk came to perfection. The chilli jam was the kick ! I tell you this dish brought us the moment of happiness.. hahahaha

We shared the main :D

and of course, sweet ! The famous Strawberry and mascapone cake $12.50

We were a bit surprised (and a bit disappointed) when found the coconut was in the sponge (both of us don't like coconut in baked goods) but this cake was still good. The coconut sponge was light, the strawberry coulis was tangy which helped our palete don't sick of the richness of mascapone cheese. Oh yah, the cracking caramelized sugar on top was also one of the great component of this cake.

The beauty of goodies !

My chef said I should try the lemon tart and date tart aswell..He think they are very nice. I will try it next time ( probably take away cuz a lot cheaper than dine in..haha) But actually we were impressed by savoury than dessert this time.

Yellow Bistro & Food Store
57 Macleay StPotts Point 2011 NSW
Phone: (02) 9357 3400


Ana Patty said...

I just found your blog when I was looking for other Cordon Bleu students! I start Baking and Patisserie tomorrow in Portland, I can't wait! Looking at your blog was like a sneak peak!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Oh, you must be very excited (same as me) hope u enjoy it and let me know how do u think :)

really wanna see how they teach in USA.

sarix said...

heya beansprout - would be interested to know what you think of this place! Sailor's Thai in Pott's Point..


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Sarix : I just read about it today.. interested to try too. Actually its a bit expensive compared to normal pad thai.. I personally keen to try Long Grain more..but if I got chance to try, definitely blog about it.. thanks for the recommendation :D

Betty said...

the croque mdame looks damn tastey! i love a good oily & hearty breakfast :)

Porzche said...

:D I love the way you do with food,I'm the one who adore the food eating,looking,cooking,try to make new menu,taking the food pictures.

I'm Thai student who will be LCB Student in Jan 2010.
I've just arrived Sydney for a few weeks. Your blog made me know about Sydney's food much more better, Thanks for sharing :D

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Betty : hahaha.. I love all kind of breakfast but if oily and hearty, need someone to share with :)

Porzche : oh oh, welcome to sydney ka.. if u have any questions (or want someone to dine with), please feel free to let me know lol

Betty said...

Mm the croque madame looks delicious! Potts point has so many little places that I've yet to try!