Sunday, September 6, 2009

Toby's Estate

K' J, June's boyfriend came to Sydney for holiday. They got the coffee business in Thailand so I took them to try one of Sydney famous coffee establishment, Toby's estate.

Not only great coffee, they also provide lots of gourmet tea.

Latte for June.

Cappuccino for Ja

Espresso for K'J (haha.. we are all ''J'')

Bircher Muesli, natural muesli served with fresh apple juice, honey, mixed berries and yoghurt $8

Super refreshing, the real thing looks a lot better than the picture. I really like it (but always go for the unhealthy one if I have to choose.. lol)

French toast with bacon and mape syrup.. (was in my wishlist for long time)

See the bacon? they made it in interesting shape.. super delicious !!!! The bread was thick and big so it wasn't soak the syrup too much to make you feel sick of sweet. The saltiness of bacon and sweetness of syrup.. 2 thumbs up !

The only thing I can complain was the bacon was too little.. haha

Toby's Estate Head Office, Roastery, Cafe & Tea Emporium
32-36 City Road, Chippendale NSW 2008
Tel : (02) 9211 1459


panda said...

that bacon and french toast looks so tempting!

Howard said...

mmm french toast with bacon, awesome. I like Tobys estate coffee, one of the better ones along with Campos and Allpress.