Friday, June 26, 2009

SWEETNESS The Patisserie

Time is flying.. As I started working as a volunteer for 1 month at SWEETNESS The Patisserie during 19 May - 19 June... now I have been completed.

I first know the shop at The Good Living Growers' Market. The shop gives us many samples of biscuits and loaves to try and they are so nice.. That was my first impression.

After that I have seen lots of information in the foodie blogs, esp from Helen. One day I sent an email to Gena (Owner and chef) that I am her fan and she replied me at that night :D

The next market, I went to talk to her then she told me about her shop just opened in Epping and offered me about get some experience working there. First I went to the shop.. Wow, there is a brand-new big and super clean open kitchen. The small section to show the product was decorated so pretty. I was really happy and excited.

Such a beautiful experience I have learned. Actually most of the things I did there were not the new things, there were things that I have baked at home or did in school before. However, I have learned more in term of business and bulk baking. For example, normally in the recipe always say that you should use egg in the room temperature. Here, we use the egg straight away from the fridge but still no big problem can be found. I asked chef, she said of course using egg in room temperature is much better as it saves time to whisk and maybe you can get more volumn but if we leave the eggs in room temperature for long time, it reduces shelf life.

Moreover, in the real world business, you have to concern about cost and time more than just like baking at home for your family and friends. Somethings I think I can do better but I was a bit nervous, they didn't turn out so well. sorry chef ^ ^''

Truly I wanted to take picture on the last day I worked there which was Friday but that day the shop was very busy preparing goods for the Saturday market.. So I went back on the next tuesday to return the uniforms and it was a great time to take some nice pictures to show you guys.

Strawberry marshmallow biscuit, the new item.. cute, isn't it?

with Camille (my favourite)

with Jodie (anoter my favourite)

with Esther ( I like her, she is a marshmallow expert)

Ciecilia ( not sure how to spell ur name ^ ^''), another student who is the next volunteer. She is nice friend !

English Toffee with Almond, lovely.

The trolley full of nice stuffs.

Let the photos show you how beautiful the shop!


Sincerely thanks, Chef Gena !

Oh, and if you are there and see Pumpkin & Ginger loaf, Cranberry orange muffin, Macademia shortbread and Florentine.. please don't miss it, my favourite !

SWEETNESS The Patisserie
38 Oxford St., Epping, NSW 2121
Tel : (02) 9869 3800


Simon Food Favourites said...

hope to visit this yummy shop one day.

panda said...

the florentine's are also my favourite!

i really do love this shop - it's so pretty and it's just the type of shop that i would like to have :P

Joe said...

congratulations ja!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : yeah, dont forget its closed on sunday ^ ^

panda : yeah, u know now I am also thinking about open kitchen in my own shop lol

Joe : thanks ka

Leona @ Pigged-Out said...

OMG Im eyeing all the cake and sweets and even your chocolate tart!!! that tart looks pro!

Shall definately keep this place in mind next time im in your hood. (which is hardly ever *sigh*)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Leona : thanksss. The picture looks good because of perfect lighting :D

Yeah, the shop is very pretty but if you dont have chance to go there, they sell stuff at the Saturday market.. Pymont and north sydney too.. Chef Gena is very very lovely, she will happy if you talk to her

Betty said...

Just stumbled across your blog!

I've heard so much about Sweetness, but never been.. definitely would love to try it soon :)

Stephcookie said...

Aww I'm sad I didn't get to visit before you finished! Looks like an amazing experience, I really want to try those new strawberry marshmallow biscuits they are too cute!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What an adorable shop! I really should get out there one day as I love real marshmallows :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Steph: Yeah, no chance to say hello to you..but I am sure that whenever you go, there will be some cute stuffs

Lorraine : If u love marshmallow, you definitely love the shop :D

Thomas said...

Today it was my orientation day @ LCB for July intake.
Gena came to school as a special guest speaker. Wow! She's definately passionate about her work and the marshmallows were great! Did u made them too?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Thomas : wow, she went there? yeah, she is very passionate about sweets. About marshmallow..I didn't make it.. Only she and another girl make it ^ ^ Enjoy your class and let me know about it later.

Betty said...

oh wow i had no idea you did work exp. here! im going in nov- canot wait :)