Saturday, December 6, 2008


Ok...we made a booking about 2 months ago, not so long since one of us, Hong, has a friend who works in the restaurant...

Tetsuya's is known as one of the Best restaurant in Sydney and obviously of the world... The 9th of the World best restaurant in 2008 and the 4th in 2007

Since it is not little about of money, I thought a lot about going there. Because when I read lots of reviews, I found that some dishes I don't really like for example, I am not a fan of sorbet and some main dishes looks too normal.. So I asked Lorraine for advice and she said she had a wonderful meal there... Um..I believe her and I made the right decision.. Thanks Lorraine !
Our booking was at 7 pm. on Thurday 4 Dec 2008 (As it is the special meal, I make my pictures bigger ^ ^)

In front of restaurant.

Inside, I must say it is so simple Japanese style, not as special as I expect.

I really like a glass... It is thin as I like. We also ordered the bottle of Huai Gewurztramier 2007.

Black truffle salsa butter

One of the most famous thing here...Since I am not a big fan of truffle, this butter is ok for me. A bit sweet in my opinion.

Italian bread roll & Sourdough roll

First I tried Italian roll, it was like cheap roll we can find outside but when kept eating with butter, it was nicer than sourdough which is better when eat alone. Others had just 1 roll but I asked for both. Wanna try.

Course 1 : Pea Soup with Mint Cream and Chocolate Salt

The creamy pea soup is nice, a bit salty. I think because it is the first course, the saltiness allows room for more appetite.

Course 2 : Pacific Oysters with Rice Vinegar & Ginger (additinal)

We were informed about this oyster then why not ! The oysters of course were fresh but the dressing was super fresh.

I tried the seaweed underneath.. mmm, edible but very salty, then I knew that it is not meant to be eaten.

Pop into you mouth, chew, let the juices mix and enjoy the real flavour.

Course 3 : Smoked Ocean Trout & Avruga Caviar

The smoked trout was very well seasoned. The white round sauce, we assumed that it is something with goat cheese. When eat it all together, very good combination.

We were so amazed with egg yolk. At first we thought that they cook it at the very low temperature but I knew the answer from Panda later that it is actually a frozen raw egg yolk. The protein inside the yolk changes when you put it in the freezer, tastes like a cooked egg yolk.

A last few spoons, I felt this dish was so rich dueto the egg yolk. Hong also said that.

Course 4 : Leek & Crab custard

Chawan mushi ! Yum. This was extremely light and airy custard with the saltiness from soy/seaweed dressing, sweetness from leek and crab... Also have little pieces of crab meat right at the bottom. The green dot I thought it is some herb oil. so cute !

hehe..we haven't drunk yet !

Course 5 : Scampi Cooked Three-Way : Grilled Scampi Wrapped in Pancetta, Scampi in Sea Water & Lemon Scented Olive Oil, and Marinated Scampi with White Miso and Passionfruit

Pulling the scampi from the seawater through the olive oil is quite fun. I like the taste but the texture of the raw scampi is not my cup of tea.

I actually quite liked the Marinated Scampi with White Miso and Passionfruit. I tasted a bit of pepper but not too powerful. Hedi said her one was too sour but mine was not sour at all o_O

My favourite of the dish, Grilled Scampi Wrapped in Pancetta. Pancetta was nicely thin and the capsicum underneath was full of flavour.

Course 6 : Confit of Petuna Tasmanian Ocean Trout with Konbu, Daikon, Applel & Wasabi served with a seasonal green salad.(Tetsuya's signature dish)

No doubt why it is the signature dish, the trout was amazingly fresh, the konbu is perfectly complimenting, slightly salty and gives crunch . All the ingredients work nicely. The green sauce is parsley oil, I couldn't taste much though. I started getting full at this stage.

This is very amazing ! Can you see the small brown cubes? It is the soy jelly! Very clever Tets' !! When you eat it, don't need to chew, just allow it to melt in your mouth.. Fantastic ..

Course 7 : Terrine of Queensland Spanner Crab with Avocado Soup

Even I really like avocado and I like the plain taste, I didn't like this dish at all, same as other friends. Don't know why, couldn't taste anything except it was a bit fishy for me.

There were a tiny pieces of crab.

Course 8 : Fillet of Barramundi with Braised Baby Fennel

Another my favourite. The fish was so tiny, same size as my little finger but so fresh and well seasoned. Taste like chinese style. The sauce was beautiful and I love the fennel also.

Course 9 : Twice Cooked De-boned Spatchcock with Foie Gras & Gobo

This one I tell you, it tasted a lot nicer than its look. The meat was so juicy and fatty. Kale underneath was crunchy and before I saw the menu, I thought Gobo is potato (actually the waitstaffs gave the information of every dishes but they spoke so soft until I couldn't hear.

Foie gras inside was melt in your mouth.(now my mouth watery)

Course 10 : Flinders Island Lamb with Blue Cheese & White Miso (Complimentary)

The waitstaff told us we were giving the complimentary dish, I don't know why but of course we were happy.

The lamb was beautifully pink, perfectly cooked. Anyway I didn't really like the sauce but everyone else like it.

Course 11 : Grilled Wagyu Beef with Lime & Wasabi

My most favourite !!! The thin sliced Wagyu was rolled up and very lightly seared. Before eat, squeeze the lime juice first and put a bit of wasabi and sea salt. we were told by waitstaff.

Since I am not really like squeeze lime or lemon on the meat, first I tried a small cut without doing that.. It was fabulous. But then since there is a way to eat it, I followed the way. It was even better !! My god, I was extremely enjoyed.

Course 12 : Comte with Lentils

Um... Our waitstaff told us that this dish is meant to be a starter of desserts and have to eat one Mouthful. Weird for me (all of us). Not that bad but didn't really like.

Our dessert wine : 2005 Yalumba Late Harvest Viognier . Nicely sweet and fruity.

Cheers !

Course 13 : Beetroot & Blood Orange Sorbet, Summer Pudding

I am not a big fan of sorbet but I have to say this one was good. Since I like beetroot juice, this sorbet has no problem for me, very fresh and clean the palate. Many friends of mine didn't like it and asked me to swap with my summer pudding.. No, thanks! hahaha
The summer pudding was good aswell but not outstanding.

Course 14 : Lemon Scented Floating Island with Vanilla Bean Anglaise

Soft poachedmeringue, I don't like the soft texture, prefer crispy one.. I just ate half since I have already stomach ache lol. Anglaise was nice though.

I saw in some reviews, there are the liquid filling inside. My one didn't have..maybe I should ask my friends.

Course 15 : Chocolate Ganache with Green Tea & Red bean

I like it ! The granache was perfectly smooth, the mousse inside was soft velvet , the crispy thing like a hat sitting on top of the green tea & red bean filling.

Heaven !

Petit Four - Green Tea Marshmallow, Chocolate Macaroon with Lemon Filling and peppercorn, Macadamia shortbread, Coconut ball.

Marsh mallow was ok, chocolate macaroon had a kick from peppercorn, shortbread was beautifully short, the coconut ball had date inside, even I don't like coconut in dessert but I like this one.

Chamomile tea since too late to have coffee.

We spent 5 hrs there from 7 to midnight. Another memorable meal, the unexpected food combination, the service, the interesting toilet sign... :P

Hong asked his friend who is waitstaff there whether Tetsuya can come out to see us. His friend was kindly told that Tetsuya had been in the restaurant earlier in the evening but now he didn't see him in the kitchen. (Panda, now I think maybe it is the way of saying that ? lol)

By the way, I was so lucky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, I went to The Good Living Growers’ Market around 9 am. and walked there until 10 am.. It was crazy hot ! I was about to go home then saw suddenly saw 4 chefs on the stage in the middle of the market. There were Tetsuya, Justin North from Becasse, Peter Gilmore from Quay and another guy I forgot his name but they call him as ''The godfather of food''

I was waiting among the very hot sunlight, my face, my arms and my feet burn. Kept waiting until the right time..haha
Finally I excitingly walked to him and asked for taking picture with me !!

Extremely happy !

529 Kent St.,Sydney
Tel: (02) 9267 2900


flapflap said...

Thanks so much for your very informative post! We have a booking at Tetsuya's for Valentine's Day (so excited!!) so it's great to get a preview of what we might get that night. I think the fourth chef that you saw is Tony Bilson of Bilson's - there is a photo of the chefs in today's Sydney Morning Herald because they were announcing that next year's Good Food Month will be re-branded as the Sydney International Food Festival.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

flapflap : I hope you enjoy an experience at Tetsuya. Such a romantic Valentine's dinner ^ ^

And thanks for leting me know about Tony Bilson. Mean next year we will have more fun and gain weight, rite? hehe

Heidi said...

Not fairrrr... huhuhu, you get to take picture with tetsuya!!!! he looks cute! you look good in the picture too~ :D

Ermmm, there was liquid filling in the soft poached meringue. Very little though, so i think you missed it. haha. it's a yellow liquid. but i forgot the taste alr...

I'm going to take some of your pictures k? thankssss.

Simon Food Favourites said...

i was so tempted to try and get to the growers market but needed my sleep in. tetsuya's oysters are one of my favourite ways to have them. you can buy the dressing in DJs but it still doesn't quite match the freshly made up one, although still very good. looks like a few of the dishes are similiar to when i had a few years ago. i clearly remember the beetroot sorbet.

simon :-)

Annie said...

oh! I left the market at about 9:30 (my parking limit up) so I missed out! Am hoping to get to Tetsuya's this year, thanks for so many photos to drool over!

Lorraine E said...

What a great recap of your evening-I like the shots of inside the dishes too as well. And how fantastic that you got a photo with him-it was meant to be!

chocolatesuze said...

great post dude! and you shouldve said it was your bday and you get an extra free dessert =P

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Heidi : haha...:P

Simon : yeah, I really like the dressing and saw they sell in DJ, but if eat at home, won't have that special feeling though ..hehe

Annie : Oh, just like my friends, heidi and stella, they left the market about that time...hope I got chance to see u next Feb at the market :)

Lorraine : I was planing to write about your advice so I made the right decision to go Tetsuya's..but I forgot, sorry ! anyway, Thanks again ...

Suze : Yeah, I was thinking about forgot when we went there..haha

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Wow, the pea soup is such a fantastic bright green. And I love that you ate the seaweed garnish. I think I would have had a nibble too :)

Cool that you got a photo with Tetsuya too. He's always so sweet and lovely.

I've also tagged you for the 6 random things meme. Hope you'll join in the fun :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..wat a honour to meet the great chef and eat his much did the meal cost? i only imagine that this is the degustation menu that is around 300-400 aus rite?

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Helen : happy you visited my site... Thanks for meme, I think its fun :D

Joe : Yeah, such a honour I got chance to take picture with him. The meal is not that expensive. The 10 courses is $195 The oyster is $9 additional. If it is that expensive I think I still can't effort now :)

limmyfox said...

:O (speechless)

Hungry Hamster said...

I'm totally jealous of your trip to Tetsuya!! The pictures are beautiful and I felt like I was actually there!! Great job :)

I'll be dropping by Sydney next week for work training. I only have one meal there as the rest will be provided by the company. Any food suggestion?

Deez Nuuts said...

Fantastic post and excellent blog you have.

The food looks amazing. One day I'd like to take my wife to Tetsuya's, but not today (just spent all my money on a new tv).

It looks like quite a lot of food. I'm surprised you could fit dessert in.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

limmyfox : hehe

Hungry Hamster : N'Lyn....So sorry for late reply. I think you already be there... I don't have much chance to use internet ka.. waiting to see ur post about sydney food na ka

Deez Nuuts : Thanks very much. there were really lots of food but of course... I always prepare my space for dessert