Saturday, March 27, 2010


Nut & I went to Victor churchill, Woollahra and first planned to have brunch there cuz we thought there is a dining area but we were wrong. So the quick decision was made when we walked pass by Bills. I dined at Bills, Darlinghurst once in 2007, had the awesome ricotta hotcakes and famous scramble eggs.

Lucky we were there early enough (around 11.50 am) after we sat down a few mins, people were started to queue up waiting for tables.

Small orange juice for Nut $4.50

Sweet corn fritters, roasted tomato, spinach and bacon + avocado salsa $18.50 + $4.00

It looked pretty but i was a bit disappointed. The fritters were quite oily and taste axactly the same as street food deep fried corn fritter we have in Thailand. Taste was not bad just not worth for money. The bacon was too dry and we were laughing when saw the amount of Avocado salsa for $4.00 ....

Wagyu beef burger with beetroot and zucchini pickles and fries + heidi gruyere $21.50 + $4.50

I know it looked amazing but again... more disappointed than the corn fritter... nothing special about beef. I much perfer the one at Plan B in term of taste and price ! However, I still miss there ricotta hotcake, definitely have it again if got chance.

5/118 Queen St.,
Woollahra NSW 2025
Tel : (02) 9328 7997

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