Sunday, September 28, 2008

Plan B by Becasse

Happy Friday ! My friend came from Melbourne last night so this holiday I am so happy having someone to dine with..hehe

First meal (actually his first meal here was Mcdonald last night) in Sydney was Wagyu beef burger at Plan B by Becasse. After I spot this cafe in NQN, I really wanna go there but still no chance...Now I got the food lover to go with...

We were there around 11.15 am which was quite early for lunch so we asked them whether they can serve us the burger...and the answer was "YES''

At that time there were not so many cake selection...just some sandwiches and a little sweet things.

Deryk had Phoenix organic Passionfruit, mango and orange juice . He told that you can't find this brand in Melbourne.


That was our target today....

They came on a small cute plate...but the patty was incredibly thick. We were happy already !

The smell was soooo good. It took us a few seconds to think of how to eat this huge burger...We started by cutting it with knife and fork...after a few bites, I decided to grab and bite...but Deryk still prefer eating by knife and fork..

Wagyu burger made with 600 day grain fed Wagyu $10.00

The beef cooked beautifully, very juicy. Unlike the normal burger, we still can see the chunk of meat. If I am not mistaken, they put a artichoke in the patty too. We both agree that the bun was fantastic, a bit sweet, buttery and perfectly toasted. Salad underneath and cheese on top of patty completed the burger.

Yummy !!! I gonna go there again to try more...

After a nice brunch, we walked along the George St. until we was stopped by Passionflower, my favourite ice cream shop.

A lovely picture in the menu.

He wants this...

So disappointed...first it came with so little chocolate sauce...too little -_-'' . Morever, the cookie was unexceptable dry....Just the cookie & cream ice cream was normal, not too bad.

Still happy with taking picture anyway :D

Plan B by Bécasse

204 Clarence St., Sydney

Tel : (02) 9283 3450

Open Monday to Friday 8am-4pm

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Lorraine E said...

Your pictures are making me miss this burger sooo much! Oh no, it's not open tomorrow :(