Wednesday, December 1, 2010

THANN Boutique Cafe

Thann is a famous brand for a spa product, the cafe is also very impressive with the decoration of myriad cardboard leaves

The place makes me feel calm and relax.

We came here for an afternoon tea, sadly looking at the cakes display, not many cakes were there.

N'Dream had a cup of tea. I couldn't remember, maybe it was an earl grey.

I, of course, opted for a cappuccino. Not too bad.

Brownie Trifle caught our eyes, it looked very attractive among all those typical cakes. The chocolate brownie & chocolate sauce at the bottom, white chocolate custard and whipped cream. Once my spoon dig through the whipped cream, I felt it was interesting, I even took the picture of the cream before I tasted it, it looked very different from whatever cream I had ever seen. After we tried that whipped cream..... speechless. It got the weird gritty texture, imagine the over whipped cream that the fat & the water separated, fold-in nuts into it, even worse. The rest of the dessert was okey though. We asked the waitstaff about the cream (it was that bad) and we were more surprised to know that it was their signature dessert and the weird texture whipped cream is the chef's intention o_O

Sorry we couldn't eat it, the waitstaff was professional enough unexpectedly offering us a brownie instead.

Luckily the Blueberry cheese pie was well-balanced flavour.

The brownie with a too icy vanilla ice cream

Sorry, are we too picky? Maybe we expected a lot more from this hi-class place. By the way, my friend told me that the food there is sensational. Okey, we chose the wrong thing.

THANN Boutique Cafe
1/F Gaysorn Plaza 999 Ploenchit Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel : 66 2656 1061

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