Saturday, December 4, 2010

ISAO Japanese restaurant

I am always happy when my mum come to Bangkok with me, why? It means I will have chances to go eat at many fancy places with no guilty. Bringing mum to eat a good food, such a great daughter :P

At 5 pm. I was trying to make a booking at Isao, the modern US twist sushi place for 5 at 8 pm. (I know it was a bit late). The other end of the line said that they were fully booked till 8.30 pm. but they will call me back if there are any seats available before that. Mmm... I thought I'd better find another place, don't wanna have dinner that late.

About 7.30 we parked our car and about to enter to another Japanese restaurant. Suddenly my mobile was ringing. Aha... the staff from Isao called to let us know that now they had some seats ready for us. I asked mum whether she mind to go Isao since we were at Sukhumwit 55 and Isao is at Sukhumwit 31. She said just choose the one I want ;)

Finally we were here.

The place is more relaxed homey feel than what I thought, informal style.

The warm welcome from the attentive staff is impressive. We asked for the recommendation and got a detailed explanation of the entire menu. One of us is allergic to prawn, the staff pleased us by making sure that all dishes we ordered had no prawn in.

Seaweed salad ฿100 : marinated seaweed piled upon a bed of cucumber.

An oldy goody.

Gomaae ฿60 : Blanched spinach chilled and served with sweet sesame sauce.

This dish here was a bit different from the one I have had before. Normally the sauce was white, sesame taste. This one was on the sweet side and got miso taste. Still like it.

Fried tofu ฿100

It was hard tofu which I less prefer than the soft one.. but the flavour of the sauce is awesome.

Gy0za ฿100

Mum's the must-order dish in Japanese restaurant. I did not try it but believe it was good.

Vocano ฿250 : Baked scallop in spicy sauce. (sorry for the blur picture)

It was a bit sweet and spicy yet so creamy. Not everyone's cup of tea but I do not mind :)

Winter ฿250 : Ebi, crab meat, spinach, avocado, kaiware, carrot, daikon, wrapped with cucumber sheet served with miso sauce.

Really like it, super refreshing. First I was a bit worried about the crab meat that gonna be fishy but it was not. Love the crunchiness of the cucumber and all those fresh ingredients.

Sushi sandwich ฿300 : Spicy Tuna and Salmon stuffed between layered of sushi rice with tempura batter, ebiko and scallion.

My mum who is not a raw food fan, however, really like this dish. The crunchy of the tempura batter, the fresh soft texture of the fish and their special sauce easily win one's mind.

Dragon ฿ 420 : Prawn tempura, ebiko, crab meat and cucumber wrapped with fresh water eel and avocado.

My all time favourite, eel & avocado, how can this combination go wrong?

Chicago spicy crazy ฿ 295 : Salmon, tuna, white fish, avocado, scallion with ebiko.

I don't think I detected the spiciness, nevertheless, it was nice as it should be.

Spider ฿290 : Soft shell crab roll with avocado and ebiko.

Most of the time I eat sushi roll, I tent to order Dragon & Spider. Juicy crispy soft shell crab... yum !

Blurry me and my mum

Mum's young friends ... hehe

ISAO Japanese Restaurant
5 Sukhumvit 31. Khlong Tan Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel : +662-258-0645

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