Thursday, October 20, 2011

2am : Dessert Bar, Singapore

I had to admit that I couldn't really recall all the details for the dishes I had here. Anyway, only 1 word in my memory for that night is "AWESOME !"

2am:dessert bar is located in the Holland Village.

Pastry chef from Noma, Denmark. Lucky she was there since the Food summit festival.

4 desserts from Rosio (wine matching) & 4 desserts from Janice

Bitters Dessert....Winter Version : whey discs, bitters syrup, milk crumbs, sorrel

Interesting flavour... the sorrel soup was tangy, the milk inside was it!

The broth was poured at the table.

Hay Parfait & Strawberries : chamomile broth, lemon balm, oregano, bronze fennel

The wild strawberries have been my favourite since I first tried it at Quay (but I had the frozen one before at my workplace) , so I couldn't be happier when I saw the menu. Densely packed with flavour compared to their industrially grown one. The whole plate is again, interesting. Combination of the herbs and fruit.

Milk & Grains : milk ice cream, biodynamic grains

mmm.. I couldn't remember much but I think I like the grains.

We moved the table to the counter to see how they prepare the dessert. and a better light !

Janice Wong and Rosio Sanchez

We have the desserts with wine matching.

Huldreost Brown Cheese & Beet : brown cheese custard, beet granite, licorice

Love the presentation ! So many textures of beetroot and lucky the licorice is subtle (I am not a fan of licorice in dessert).

brown cheese for sample...

and then we moved on to Janice's Degustation.

Shades of Purple : purple potato, cassis parfait, lavender marshmallows

The plate consists of purple potato puree, blackberry parfait, leather, lavender marshmallows and fruit of the forest sorbet. I like the creamy purple potato puree underneath the most but I am not a big fan of parfait and marshmallows.

Basil White Chocolate : textures of passionfruit

Really like this... so many textures and flavours; passion fruit leather,coconut ice-cream, the puffy meringue, the sauce, the mousse and a tiny cluster of sea grapes! I especially liked the passion fruit leather. It's my first time having Sea grapes which are apparently a kind of seaweed. Delightful.

Cheese Avalanche : biscotti, marinated figs, cantaloupe

Now it is the 3rd plate of Janice's creation, when I was having the last one, Basil White Chocolate, I thought I like it..this one, I like it even more...Mix of sweet and savoury, fruity and dairy tastes, and crunchy and creamy textures.

The biscotti is nicely paper thin, crisp and got a chewy texture from fruits... Love this !

Chocolate H2O : caramel truffle, yuzu sorbet

OMG, what a beauty ! This is the beautiful finale..The consistency of an almost crunchy outer layer and the gooey goodness inside is sublime ! Inside, there is a chocolate caramel truffle. Having it with small balls of yuzu sorbet and gel and bits of praline is heaven !

Once I have this, I can die happily :)

ok.. it was about 1 am. something.. my stomach was full and my head was dizzy .

Rosio's desserts were very interesting, opened my world to the new flavour while Janice's were more familiar and easier (for me) to understand .. All I can say is I love every single detail of her works... Janice !

2am: Dessert Bar
21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village Singapore
Tel: +65 6291 9727

Operating Hours: Mon to Sat 6pm – 2am (Closed on Sun)


meymey said...

so when are we going to 2am for a second visit together jj????

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Meymey : I wish it is asap.. Bytheway, I want the Melbourne eating tour with you and Juju too :)

Anonymous said...

hello, i was googling for cafe giraffe when i came across ur blog. when i read ur blog entry for 2AM desserts bar. i wonder if u have been to cafe rosamond in melbourne for its desserts nite. It serves a four course desserts like 2am. if you have not i highly recommend u to give it a visit. its a nite not to be missed, its only once a week on thursday i think doors open at 7pm. the tiny place does not take any reservation. check it out!

Alfresco Bars in Singapore said...

Th2am desert bar in Singapore is just wonderful. Have a look at it

ღ 關於我 - 芊瑜 ღ said...

Look nice ... will go in April. ^^