Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This post is very not-up-to-date . We went to Assiette since May ^ ^'' for the friday lunch. 3 courses for $30 such an amazing deal for us.

I normally walked pass by this restaurant many times when I was going to Chef warehouse.

Lemon Lime Bitter $4.50

Butter, I pretty like the style.

Billy and ?

We also love the silverware here.


Mini Sourdough, warm and nice.

Sweetcorn veloute with basil oil and spanner crab (Kimmy & Ja's)

This dish was surprisingly good for me. I am not a big fan of corn but this one was so creamy, velvety sweet. The small pieces of crab gave it a texture while the basil oil gave the herby aroma.

Roasted carrot tortellini with a pinenut beurre noisette (Billy & Stella's)

It looked so beautiful ! I tried a bit of this and its good, love the puree underneath, not sure it was pumpkin? (but it wasn't mentioned on the name)

Our main, there were beef and fish dishes and all of us chosed the same dish.haha

Beef bourguignong with garlic pomme puree and bone marrow (all of us)

I love how it looked ! Just right amount, not too big or too small. The first spoon into my mouth, I felt it was a bit bland and I said ''umm.. pretty normal, nothing speacial". But when I keep eating, the more I eat, the more flavour I can taste. I think thats why chef didn't overseason it. The mash was very creamy.

It was my first time to see the bone marrow was this pink. (but Stell said it is normally pink, is it?). I love bone marrow but maybe it was still not cooked enough for my liking, the texture was just too weird for me. Oh, I love the mushroom here, so juicy.

Come to desserts!

Vanilla pannacotta with apple puree and macerated prunes (Kimmy & Stella's)

"It is ok, not as good as Jonah's at Whale beach." said Kimmy. I felt the apple puree tasted like pear.. haha. Grape was wonderful.

Chocolate brownie with macademia parline ice cream (Ja & Billy's)

The presentation was beautiful. The brownie was cakey style and a bit dry for my liking. ( I prefer its more fudgy), but still good, eating with delicious parline ice cream made it better.

Kimmy & Ja & Stella (sorry, billy lol)

48 Albion St.,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Tel : (02) 9212 7979


Simon Food Favourites said...

love the spoon photo very funny! it's a framer! i enjoyed the $30 deal once before. they seem to change the menu regularly so there's probably something different to try each week.

panda said...

i've been hearing about this place quite a bit now. $30 for 3 courses is a bargain and the dishes look quite big too!

Stephcookie said...

I've been wanting to try this for ages, it looks so good! And so worth it...ohhh the sweetcorn veloute is calling to me!

clekitty said...

$30 for 3 courses?! That's a good deal! Thanks for writing about it :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : hahaha.. I like that photo too. Changing the menu regularly make us wanna go there again (and many more..:D)

Panda : Its very good deal but only on Friday.. So you have to call sick? lol

Stephcookie : :) Don't know about their menu recently, but sure they will provide something good.

Clekitty : Your very welcome ^ ^

My delicious blog said...

Looks yummy, Ja.
Your post makes me hungry!

Thomas said...

Do u have an email address. Since I'm just a basic cuisine student I have so many questions about LCB, the restaurants and pastry shops in Sydney. My email address is abh1014@hotmail.com
So please send an email to my address and I will annoy you with some questions.. haha :)
Thank you.

shez said...

Ooh! We went for the Bean's birthday in April - that soup is just so so fantastic, I've had sudden flashbacks from looking at your picture! If only I had Friday lunchtimes off to go traipsing around and eating in :(

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

How cute is that spoon photo? You are ver photogenic Ja! :) Hmm yes I've never seen bone marrow that pink, usually it's a pale waxy yellow like a chat potato. What was the texture like?

Mochachocolata Rita said...

ohmygosh..i used to live in surry hills for a while...nostalgia nostalgia...

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Jo : hehe..yours too

Thomas : oh, ok :)

shez : Agree, I wanna go again hehe..

Lorraine : haha. Thanks ! about the marrow, yeah, I always see the yellow one. This pinky one maybe cuz it was cooked in short time? I dunno but the texture.. mm..like jelly, a bit scary for me..lol

Rita : wow, never know that you were in Sydney before, it should be great if you still be here :)