Monday, July 6, 2009

The Counter - custom built burger

Since I have heard about this burger shop as it is one of the best burger in Sydney from many blogs.. The Counter, here I come !

Sam and I went to there on Monday lunch, only 1 table there at that time. The staff were very friendly telling us how to order.

I happily ordered my byo burger.. Basically you choose the meat and size for patty, cheese, topping (4 toppings), premium topping ($ 1.5 extra), sauce and bun...I forgot to check on the premium topping which was the good thing for me.. I will tell you later.

Freshly ground meat.. umm..sounds good.. But does it mean they grind to order?

Condiments which we didnt bother to use.

Apple Pie Shake $6

This is the best shake I have. Normally I dont like shake, milk shake or thick shake cuz it always too sweet and so rich that make me feel guilty drinking it. But this one is special. Not too sweet, first sip, I feel " wow..vanilla'' then just like eating apple pie. It was very creamy but not too rich. There are also have some crumble and chunks of apple there. *Recommend

My burger ! $13.50

150 g of beef, sharp Provolone, beetroot, grilled onions, lettuce blend, sweet red hot capsicum, horseradish mayo and wholemeal bun.

I am hungry now !

Sam's burger $21

450g of beef, Gruyere, grilled onions, tomatoes, mixed baby greens, sweet red hot capsicum, honey cured bacon and hamburger bun.

The real one was HUGE! As you can see, they put 3 pieces of cheese also.. o_O

I tried to take the photo like the one in NQN.. but I think they don't really look much different.. but I tell you.. they do !

This picture can show you how big of Sam's one compared to mine.

Attack !

The 'Fifty - Fifty' Sweet Chips & Onion strings $6.50

We thought we ordered this but actually we forgot.. so it came after burger. Really really good ! I love both. A must have *

It came with 3 sauces. I didn't ask the staff but I think there were Ginger soy glaze, Roasted garlic Aioli and Horseradish mayo. I like the aioli whilst Sam like Ginger soy glaze.

I tried to grab it with my hand but can't.. Too big. Also the bun was very soggy, I think it is because of the red capsicum. As I saw people at other tables all can eat it with their hands.. So I think next time shouldn't order something wet.

I actually ordered medium and Sam ordered medium rare.. but I think the kitchen staff was confused. So I got medium rare and Sam got like medium well (almost well done). At first I don't really wanna eat undercooked mince but because they said its freshly ground.. so I think it should be ok?

We were so so full. We finish all everything. Even I didn't order the premium topping, I was very full. If I did, I would be in trouble. Sam also tried his best to finish all. The staff told us that most of people who order 450g-meat can't walk after finish it. hahahaha

Verdict: the beef is not that special but the best thing is having fun of building our own burger.. I had a hard time deciding what to eat. And the fries and shake are the hi light of the meal.

Would love to come again !

The Counter
118 Willoughby Road,
Crows Nest, NSW
Tel: (02) 9436-2700


Stephcookie said...

I love the apple pie shake here! The serving sizes are enormous and everytime I feel like I'm going to explode after eating here! The buns can get a bit soggy from all the sauce

Gler said...

So, my next trip to Sydney I will be there and order just the shake and the fries, by your recommendation. Thanks for the post, Ja.

You looked so happy with your burger in your hand. :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I really like the burgers here and it seems that no matter how strange a combination you make up, it's still delicious. Although I think the buns need addressing-they're just not big enough for the 450g burger!

Christie @Fig&Cherry said...

Ooooh, wow! I love your burger combination. I really want to try that apple pie shake, yummy!

panda said...

i thought j was crazy eating the 300g beef patty, the 450g is enormous!! did sam finish his?

we actually had the same convo about whether the burgers are actually good here - to be honest, they're not the best but it's just such a fun place to be. agree with you and i would just come here to drink their milkshakes.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Stephcookie : I love apple pie shake too.. so good. And next time I will try to order some dry topping so the buns don't become too soggy.

Gler : of course P'Gler. The place is quite far, I don't think you can find it your own, I have to take you there hahaha

Lorraine : haha..yesss, we can't see the underneath bun of the 450g burger.. look like eating steak

Christie : my friend said my burger is so Aussie, beef and I like beetroot.

Panda : oh, you have 300g? my gosh ! Of course Sam finished his and we both skip dinner that day. (I was very hungry in the day after morning..haha) Next time I wanna have peanut butter shake.