Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dating with P'Ta and Tan

After I made the tartlets yesterday, I brought some to P'Ta and Tan, 2 Thai friends.

We met at World square first then had lunch at Chat Thai. They both finished my tarts, 2 each straight away! I was so happy (even I knew that they were so hungry haha.)

One of the most famous Thai restaurant in Sydney (among Thai people).

The style of silver cup, almost their symbol.

Deep fried fish ball with a sweet chilli and sour plum sauce. (ลูกชิ้นปลาทอด & น้ำจิ้ม) It is a street food, remind us about the fish ball stall in front of our secondary school. Too bad that it was not freshly fried but still yum !

Khao Mok Gai (ข้าวหมกไก่) $9.90 : An intricate dish full of aromatic herbs. Poached chicken first marinated in turmeric, garlic, coriander seeds, cardamom, cassia and cloves abreast rice that is steamed in the juices of the marinade. Finished with crisp caramelized shallots.

Guay Jub (ก๋วยจั้บ) $8.90 : Silky tubular rice noodles in five-spiced smoked duck stock with crisp pork belly and pig organ, dressed with coriander and shallots.

Hoi Tort (หอยทอด) $12.90 : New Zealand green lipped mussels crisply pan fried in a batter of eggs and rice flour. Finished off with bean sprouts and coriander.

All dishes was pretty good as eating in Thailand. I really like the batter in Hoi Tort, so crisp and tasty.

After that, we went for shopping, walked till tired then had dinner at Max Brenner ..... hahaha... yeah, DINNER !

This was my first time having dessert in Max Brenner in Sydney. hehe...I went there countless times in Melbourne but dunno why I don't feel like going there when I am here (but I had a cappuccino, my favourite at Max Brenner in David jones twice.)

Of course, I order a cappuccino every time at Max Brenner. Love the drizzling chocolate sauce on the top.

Tan wanted to try Suckao.

Trutti Frutti : Super Waffle with ice cream, strawberries, banana and chocolate sauce.

The best waffle for me.

The camera is so good, even can make him look handsome. (joking, joking friend.. lol)

and also make me pretty. (I've learned that we can't really believe the picture cuz sometimes make the person look a nicer than the real one. eiei)

Chocolate Fondu for 2

I myself wouldn't order this dish normally since after I studied in the patisserie school. Personally I think its only melted chocolate with some stuffs that you have to pay extra from what you can make at home. But Tan really wanna try and it is photogenic.. :D

Full full full ! Another stomach-full day !

Chat Thai
20 Campbell St., Haymarket NSW
Tel : (02) 9211 1808

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
86 - 108 Castlereagh St.,Sydney NSW 2000
Tel : (02) 9251 7788


Simon Food Favourites said...

i just had a max brenner belgian waffle yesterday hehe good timing.

LL said...

The waffle looks sooo good!!! Now I have cravings too...

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

What a filling day you had! Good to see that you like Chat Thai - did you have to wait for a table? And Max Brenner for dinner - too much chocolate is never enough!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Simon : do you like it? I love it..haha

LL : yeah, its good ! I want it now too.

Belle : I don't have to wait that day, lucky ! haha.. when I eat too much chocolate, I say that don't wanna eat anymore, but then the next day I find myself eating chocolate always :D

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a gorgeous day with the girls! Aww got to love the gratuitous amounts of chocolate smothered over every surface (love that cappucino!).

angelina said...

Excellent post.I want to thank you for this informative read, I really appreciate sharing this great post. Keep up your work.


Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

Lorraine : I love cappuccino at Max brenner cuz that chocolate sauce :)

angelina : thanks very much. making people happy makes me happy ^ ^